Text Features

A comprehensive solution for your mobile messaging.

SMS, MMS to external numbers

Send & receive text with audio, photo & videos attachments to external numbers.

Secure text

Send & receive secure text with audio, photo & videos for your compliance needs.  Find more to use.

Restore text

iPlum App || Settings || Text Options, Templates, Secure Channels || Text Restore

Broadcast text

Broadcast text to a list of users. Each user receives text separately. Broadcast conversations are distinguished by word "BT" in the list. Broadcast messaging can be done for both regular & secure messaging.

Text templates

Create multiple text templates and easily send them to the clients without typing entire message. Find more.

Auto text reply

Automatically send text reply for missed incoming calls & texts when you are busy. Find more.

Text signature

Automatically add a text signature for your outgoing text. Helpful to provide information to your clients without having to type it each time. Find more.

Text to email

Conveniently get your incoming text via email when you are way from your mobile or saving/forwarding them to a different location. Find more.

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