Those who work in the hospitality industry are dedicated to bringing positive experiences to guests and exceeding expectations at all times. This requires smooth operations, seamless internal communication, and great attention to detail. New technological advancements have heightened businesses' ability to bring convenience and satisfaction to their guests.

Now, the next leading innovation for the hospitality industry has arrived. iPlum is the #1 phone app for business, equipped with many amazing features designed to make your job easier.

Customer Service Tools

When guests interact with a hospitality business, they expect to have all their needs met. iPlum has you covered in several areas that will assist and impress guests. 

First, the app allows you to streamline customer communication. You can set up your system to promptly alert you to calls and texts during business hours and send them directly to your voicemail when you're off the clock. Additionally, you can enjoy auto text reply capabilities that will send smart business replies in response to missed calls or texts complete with your signature. This method of going the extra mile shows your customers you care. If you are going to be closed or out of the office for an extended time, you can even set up a special phone greeting to inform clients of the situation. You can also utilize phone tree virtual extensions to give your business a professional look. 

Utilizing iPlum's mobile virtual line capabilities will allow you to connect with customers more professionally. This option is more cost-efficient than using a traditional landline, and it gives you the freedom and flexibility to answer calls outside the office. iPlum is far more scalable than old-school systems, allowing you to grow your business quickly and serve more guests. Finally, iPlum enables clients to text you, which is a great convenience that many consumers prefer nowadays.

Team Managing Tools

Any successful business in the hospitality industry must have a strong foundation. You keep your operations organized and efficient when you help your team communicate and collaborate better.

iPlum gives you an easy-to-use centralized portal to use for directing your team. You can add and manage other iPlum user accounts to grant your employees access to important information and resources within the app. You can also utilize this portal to send, receive, and share online faxes. Whether your hospitality business centers around food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging, or recreation, iPlum will allow your team to create welcoming and hospitable experiences for every client. This will help you foster loyalty and gain a reputation for excellence.

More Convenient Features

  • Call recording - Record iPlum calls with a consent message that plays for the other party before recording.
  • Voicemail transcriptions - Easily skim the contents of a voicemail by reading the text version.
  • Business phonebook CRM - Separate your business and personal contacts with iPlum's address book.

iPlum allows you to make the customer journey of your guests smoother and more enjoyable, which is what working in hospitality is all about. Additionally, iPlum offers fantastic solutions for smarter team management, ensuring everyone is on the same page and ready to bring smiles to the faces of happy guests.