If your business profits by moving people or products from one location to another, you’re part of the transportation industry. What we refer to as “transportation” covers many economic activities, from exploring space to shipping goods to helping people travel via airplane or cruise ship.

There is one thing all transportation activities have in common: there needs to be communication between a dispatch center or headquarters and the person piloting or driving the vehicle, train, boat, or plane.

Clear, accurate two-way communication is essential to ensure that people and goods arrive at their intended destination safely. It keeps staff and drivers connected on the road and around the world.

How iPlum can help keep your transportation
business connected

There are a lot of texting and calling systems on the market, but iPlum’s unique
features make it an invaluable asset for your business.

Toll-Free Numbers

When customers have a concern, most would prefer to have a real conversation with a real person in real time, not navigate chatbots or wait for an email response. iPlum offers 800 business numbers at an affordable price, so even small businesses can offer toll-free calls for customer service and support. In addition, you can easily set up auto-attendant extensions for a more professional look. iPlum is directly linked to the national registry of toll-free numbers and has the widest selection of vanity numbers on the internet.

Employees can use their own phones.

Your employees value a separation between their personal and professional lives. The last thing they want is for clients or other staff members to call them on their personal phone number for work-related questions, especially when they are off the clock. Usually, this means spending the money to invest in work devices for all your employees. With iPlum, your employees can install the business line app onto their existing devices and silence all calls and texts to their separate business numbers when they are not working. iPlum even lets you separate your business contacts from personal contacts. You can also manage users, profiles, and permissions with a corporate team account from a central location.

Reliable calls anywhere you go

iPlum can use your voice network or internet data to ensure the best clarity and call quality from anywhere, so you’re always connected to office staff, clients, and drivers.

Automatic business replies

iPlum lets you set up automatic replies for missed calls and texts to let customers know you value their business. If you’re going to be unavailable, you can set an out-of-office greeting to let clients, employees, and partners know.

Secure texting

This is crucial if your business handles any kind of secure information. iPlum is password-protected and offers end-to-end encryption, message expiration, and two-factor authentication to keep your data safe.