Public Sector

Professionals working in the public sector have big responsibilities to uphold. They must use their governmental power and influence to positively impact the lives of citizens and keep core programs running smoothly.

iPlum is the #1 Phone App for Business, and it offers tremendous value to those in the public sector industry. Here’s how iPlum can help you optimize your internal communication, enhance your security measures, and offer better solutions to the people you serve.

Internal Communication

For public sector organizations, it can seem like there is always countless hours of work to be done and not nearly enough time to do it. To succeed, it is vital to foster maximal productivity in your team by nurturing collaboration and communication.

One of the best parts of iPlum is its centralized portal for running team operations. You can add and manage many different users and decide what information they will have permission to access. This is especially vital for the public sector, where you are likely working with lots of files and sensitive data.

This app is also incredibly convenient for your staff because they can simply install it on their existing smartphones. Through the app, they can even perform daily tasks like securely sending online faxes in a much more convenient way. 

Enhanced Security 

Any government entity needs to make security a top priority. With iPlum’s advanced password policy, this is made simple. Set up enterprise-level security with encryption, 2FA, password complexity, and expiration to make sure that your organization’s data remains absolutely safe at all times.

iPlum can also help you ensure that you’re staying in line with financial and legal compliance. Our app offers mobile call recording and text archiving, which are essential to regulatory compliance with Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection Acts. With iPlum, you can even connect to external systems, EHR, and EMS using iPlum API for usage management. This wonderful feature allows your organization to maintain a high standard of visibility and compliance. 

Serving the Public

Although those working in the public sector are not operating under the same principles as a private business trying to “impress” customers, it is still equally important to give people who interact with your governmental entity a positive impression. This is crucial for maintaining a credible and trustworthy image in the eyes of those you serve.

iPlum can help you better assist people while cutting costs at the same time. The app allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls so you can keep track of important information longer. This feature comes with a built-in consent message so your conversation partners will be aware of the recording as well.

iPlum also allows you to send calls straight to voicemail when business hours are done. If your organization receives a voicemail, our technology can automatically transcribe the contents of the message. This makes it easy for you to skim through your inbox when you return to the office and answer the most pressing communications first. We also offer auto text replies that can assure the people who tried to reach you that you care and have received their call or text. 

Working in or running a public sector organization is difficult, and you have a lot of tasks on your plate to manage. Try out iPlum for your team and experience the amazing benefits of this mobile app for yourself.