Real Estate

Solid communication is central to success in the real estate industry. In today's increasingly mobile marketplace, clients are online researching home prices and planning their next home sale or purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a realtor, you need to be able to respond quickly when that prime offer comes in on a client's property or your client's dream home suddenly becomes available. The real estate market is more competitive than it has been in decades, and that means that real estate agents need to be able to receive and respond to client communication in real time.

Real Estate agents face a constant challenge between being accessible to their clients and protecting their personal privacy and downtime. iPlum was designed to make this delicate balancing act far easier for realtors and their clients.

iPlum's professional mobile phone service transforms any smartphone into a professional, full-featured virtual assistant.

Use the iPlum Business Hours feature to schedule your professional availability and protect your precious personal time. No need to worry about frustrated clients or missed opportunities. Calls can be routed straight through to you during your business hours and directed to a professional phone tree and automated messaging system during your off hours. Review your messages at any time and prioritize them at your discretion.

iPlum Auto Text Reply feature provides clients with a smart response when you aren't available for a personal conversation. The smart reply feature assures clients that you have received their message and will be responding soon. Auto Text Reply can be used to provide a welcome message and provide vital information to all incoming texts on your business line, or you can schedule the automated response to manage texts that come in during your off hours only.

iPlum is designed to help you put your most professional face forward, whether you are the sole agent in your own real estate business or run an agency of multiple realtors and support staff. The iPlum Phone Tree feature can automatically direct calls based on your client's specific needs, saving you money on staffing and giving your real estate business a polished and professional feel. 

The real estate industry is always moving and deals are closing in real time around the clock. The iPlum mobile business service helps you be present for your clients when they have questions about a home sale or purchase while still maintaining your privacy and carving out personal time for yourself and your family. 

Set up an iPlum Business Line as your professional real estate contact number, and keep your phone line personal. Calls from your iPlum Business Line can be ported through to your personal phone number or redirected through the automated Phone Tree or Auto Messaging systems.

The iPlum mobile business service app was designed to help real estate agents and other busy professionals balance personal life and career while excelling at both. From built-in document scanning and faxing features to an automated virtual assistant, explore the many ways that the iPlum mobile business service app can help move your real estate business forward today!