The technology industry has always been a robust and fast-growing field. As tech continues to advance, the responsibilities on the shoulders of tech companies grow heavier, and professionals in this field who want to remain competitive need viable digital solutions to help them stay organized and productive.

iPlum is the #1 Phone App for Business, and it has an abundance of great features that can change the way your tech company operates for the better. Whether you work in electronics, software, computers, information technology, or another related tech industry, iPlum will be a tremendous asset to your company.

Keep Your Tech Secure

More than any other industry, tech companies need to prioritize protecting sensitive data against threat actors. That’s why iPlum offers an advanced password policy. You can easily set up enterprise-level security with encryption, 2FA, password complexity, expiration, and an app password. This alone is like an iron wall defending your data. But iPlum takes it a step further. We offer additional safety features such as secure texting, and your clients can get FREE access to iPlum to message you using our secure channels with encryption.

BYOD For Teams

iPlum makes connecting with the app super convenient by allowing your employees to install it straight from their mobile phones. After they do that, you’ll be able to connect and manage your team members like never before with a central online portal. You can oversee different accounts within your company and give different people permission to access certain resources. It’s a great way to keep your whole workforce on the same page and make collaboration easy. You can even send and receive online faxes through iPlum!

Client-Centric Features

No matter what industry you are in, a crucial part of the business is giving your clients the best possible experience. iPlum helps you automate amazing customer service. Our system sends your calls to voicemail after business hours, facilitates auto text replies complete with your signature, records calls, and transcribes voicemails for your convenience. It also gives you the option to set up an out-of-office greeting that will let clients know you care about their query and will get back to them as soon as possible.

Reliable Messaging Solution

iPlum’s primary benefit comes from our superior phone and messaging services. Our system gives you dual calling reliability, so you can enjoy calls from anywhere at any time. No more worrying about losing connection when you’re on a crucial business call. You can also get a professional phone tree with virtual extensions and a business phonebook CRM that separates your personal and business contacts. iPlum makes work easier and more efficient for tech companies in so many ways. Experience the benefits for yourself!