There is no such thing as a simple construction job. Every construction project involves multiple people and a host of moving parts. The project specifications must be discussed, approved, and finalized, while supplies must be sourced and ordered.

iPlum Mobile Business Service app makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your construction project, from client communication to vendor and labor management. Communicate from anywhere to anyone in real time. Use visual communication and documentation tools to ensure every job is carried out safely and completed on schedule and budget. 

Reliable Connectivity Anywhere

In the construction industry, the majority of the action is taking place out in the field. You have teams at multiple job sites, suppliers located across town, and clients who may be just down the road or located on the other side of the globe. All of these people need to be able to communicate with you anytime, anywhere.

iPlum Mobile Business Service provides you with full-spectrum reliability, so your calls and data go through the first time, every time. iPlum makes use of your phone's high-speed connection when available and allows you to switch over to web-based data mode to take advantage of Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE when needed.

IPlum's porting option lets you transfer your existing business number into the iPlum system to take full advantage of iPlum connectivity features.

Team Accounts

iPlum Team Accounts help you manage contractors, laborers, and suppliers from one convenient centralized portal. Create one iPlum corporate administrator account and add, manage, or remove users at any time. Customized user permissions allow you to provide as much or as little access as needed for each individual user account.

Connect Any Device

Save yourself the expense and liability of providing company smartphones and tablets to every worker. Let your workers use their own personal devices connected to your iPlum team account and stop replacing lost, dropped, and damaged phones.

Send & Receive Documents

Communicating detailed construction specifications, plans, and orders requires more than just a casual conversation to avoid costly misunderstandings and errors. iPlum Mobile Business Service allows you to send and receive faxes through a secure online portal, so you always have the details you need to get the job done right the first time.

Whether you are a small one-man construction and handyman service or the owner of a multi-location construction firm, iPlum Mobile Business Service has the cutting-edge communication tools you need to deliver high-quality results safely, on budget, and on schedule.