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I am always talking to new clients. I don’t have to use my personal mobile number. With iPlum I can respond in a timely fashion and keep my information separate and secure.
Maya N.
iPlum’s business line allow me to present a professional image at an affordable price. People are always impressed by how easy it is to get in touch with me. I’d recommend it to anyone
Ambre K.
As someone who works all hours, keeping my personal and professional life separate is very important. With iPlum, I can set business hours & use automated greeting for my clients.
Tom R.
Real Estate
I work with patients requiring special needs. I can setup secure communications channel with them for privacy. We can exchange secure messages between other practitioners using iPlum app.
Dave B.
Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work with. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable.
Paul D.
IT Consultant
As a healthcare professional it is essential to have a HIPPA compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints.
Vasquez P.

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I love their services for my business
I love their services for my business. They are quick to respond if I have issues or questions. Overall would recommend!

Liz W.

hipaa complaint fax line
I bought this number to establish a HIPAA compliant fax line for my private practice. iPlum provides me a record of my sent/received faxes.

Dina Baunoch

Overall easy to use and manageable
Overall easy to use and manageable! Decent price for the program and BAA. Wish the icons on side were bigger and to make them easier to click on.

Alaina Magrini

Very good experience
I really like most everything about iplum. The customer service is great and the call quality is great. Now that I’ve trouble shorted some issues I was having, it’s been working really well. The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is I wish the length of voicemail was more than 2 minutes. But I realize this is more than enough for most businesses.

Lisa S.

Generally good
Generally good, but I was not notified of any issues when my credit card needed updating. So on a Friday evening I went into panic that suddenly things might not be working. Support was responsive and I got things set back up, but I’m not sure if that technically would create any problems with HIPAA if they suddenly dropped by text backups on me.

Mike C.

Good service for decent rates
Good service for decent rates. Overall it is a good value for the money.

Amy Clayman

Excellent service
Once my issue got moved to a senior technician, they were able to talk me through every step and resolve my issue. Much appreciated..

Dawn M.

How I found this company
I need to be easily reachable to get more deals done, and so I used to give out my personal mobile number to everyone. As my business grew, I began to worry about my privacy. I wanted a separate phone number for my business, but I did not want to carry two phones. As I was researching for a solution, a friend recommended that I try iPlum app and get a second number on mobile. I found that texting works better than email for quick conversations and for sending images and documents. Responses are quick and I feel that we can close deals faster.

Jennifer Swan

iPlum has helped my business add a…
iPlum has helped my business add a second line without the extra expense. As a small business every cent counts. The app is streamlined and easy to use. All info is private. And the call recording function is a huge help when referring to incoming lead discussions. If you’re a small business owner looking for big business resources, iPlum is for you.

John Renolds

Customer Service Team is Exceptional
It was easy to schedule a troubleshooting session with a representative who called right on time. He was friendly and fixed my issues efficiently and effectively. I have also gotten quick responses to my email queries, so phone calls are rarely needed. But when they are, iPlum delivers the help I need.

Ann Prezyna

Good and prompt customer service
Shortly after submitting my last review, a customer service specialist called me and helped me to update my iPlum settings. So, all previously mentioned issues have been resolved. The sound is now much more clear and I can answer my calls as they come-in. Excellent customer service!!!

Brand O.

I switched from another 2nd line…
I switched from another 2nd line provider to iPlum because of all the added benefits. I appreciate having the option to keep business contacts separate from personal, the ease in sending texts, and the clarity of instructions for virtual attendants. It has also cut down on the spam calls tremendously! I put off doing this because I was afraid of issues if I ported my old number— like delays in service or lost messages, but there were none. IPlum makes it easy to do! Wish I had done it a year ago!!!

Nicole M Dixon

I have been using iPlum for my business
I highly recommend iPlum. The service is excellent, dependable, easy to use, and cost-effective. Any time I have contacted support, they have replied promptly and effectively.

Anonymous-for business reason

Customer service
iPlum’s customer service agent was extremely diligent with troubleshooting the immense amount of spam calls and messages that were getting through on my business line. Their service is prompt, professional, and thorough and is scheduled on the customer’s end. Outstanding!

Rebeca S.

I’ve been using iPlum for 2 years
I can have a phone number with an area code that is different from the one my cell carrier originally issued as my business and clients are location-sensitive. This service is an excellent economical way to do that. To boot, when I am traveling internationally I have a great affordable way to use my phone on wifi and forward my domestic calls to me. I had the first opportunity to get tech support and I was able to schedule a call back easily and support staff was competent, helpful, and resolved my questions easily.

Cliff N.

iPlum is fantastic
iPlum is fantastic. Easy to use, easy to download, and something I didn’t even realize I needed. My job was getting way too stressful when I wasn’t able to prepare for who was calling. iPlum definitely helped save me time, and the auto attendant feature helped save me the trouble of directing my calls. Very happy with it and would recommend.

Pat M.

iPlum service/customer support
While setting up my service, I created some difficulties that prevented calls from coming in. I sent an email to your support team but their recommendation did not work. I emailed letting them know that what they recommended did not work. We scheduled an appointment, the representative called as scheduled and with his kind help the situation was resolved. Thanks man!

Seraphine D.

A lot of great help
A lot of great help. He really tried to find a local number but y’all did not have any numbers affiliated with Bryan/College Station, Tx for new numbers. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the help I received. Looking forward to adding this feature to our business.

Bryan D.

Excellent Customer Service!
We want to thank Jake specifically for reaching out to us and helping get our system up and running. We had some difficulty understanding the setup process and he was able to problem solve and get our system running as it should. He’s a keeper!

Martha M.

iPlum great customer service
When I had problems with the porting a number I was able to contact someone for assistance and got a response that was helpful. One of the services I left pushed me away with the lack of support or documentation. I really appreciate the customer service I received from iPlum.

Minnieme Davis

Excellent Customer Service
They had a lot of availability which was very nice, helped me figure out the issue right away, and helped me resolve it within 10 minutes. They were very informative and patient. Will definitely continue business with them and recommend them!

Alexie M.

iPlum is the best phone app
iPlum is the best phone app for business! Great Customer service as well!

Harris Trussell

In setting up the account, I had crossed all the numbers up. Customer service arranged a Zoom call with me. My tech representative was on time and solved all my problems in one call.

Jonathan Lipper

Excellent service
iPlum started a new service where they provide good customer support. It was excellent! Solved my issue in a 15 min call.

Linda Weinberger