Non-profit organizations are important since they provide essential services to individuals and communities. When it comes to your communication, you should be with a company that wants to serve you as much as you want to serve others.

iPlum is on a mission to serve you and help you reach your goals by providing you with the most secure and reliable mobile app solution. iPlum makes it easy to scale your communication across the whole team while keeping your team organized and on track. 

Safe and Reliable

Daily phone calls from donors, team members, and even a board of directors can take a toll on you and your team's phone. You can have a team meeting or a potential donor you need to meet with, and if you're not clear on who you're talking to, this can lead to severe issues. iPlum Mobile Phone services make it quick and easy to switch from your personal phone to your organization's phone line.

iPlum equips you with complete reliability ensuring the call goes through the first time. It ensures that your phone is working when necessary and enables you to take advantage of Wi-Fi, 4G, and LTE services. If you already have an existing line, iPlum's porting option allows you to connect and access iPlum's interconnectivity features.

Seamless Connection

There is no need to go through the inconvenience of setting up phones for everyone in your organization. iPlum is easy to install and download on any device, so you can let your team use personal devices connected to iPlum's team account.

iPlum's Team Account portal allows you to communicate with supervisors, directors, and even your board of directors. These features let you create and then add or remove anyone's account at your convenience. The customizable user features enable you to allow specific permissions to be accessed by certain users so everything can run as smoothly as possible. 

Document it All

Talking about a partnership in your organization over the phone isn't something that can be done as a "hand-shake" deal. You need legal documentation that you both agree to. iPlum Mobile Services allows you to send and receive documents through an online portal, so you're never unprepared.

No matter how small or big your team is or your communication strategy, iPlum's Mobile Services has industry-leading communication tools to create high-quality events, plan organized team meetings, or stay on your schedule.