Professionals in the financial industry take on a great responsibility to keep people's money safe and provide organized services to clients. To keep such complex operations running smoothly, the financial sector can greatly benefit from tech tools that increase efficiency and enhance security. If you cover real estate, banking, insurance, and other transactions, you need a smart system that works for you.

iPlum is the #1 Phone App for Business, and this digital solution for calls and messaging is perfect for businesses in the financial sector that want an easy way to connect their entire team and offer optimized service to clients.

Robust Security Features

Few fields prioritize security as much as the financial industry, and iPlum's multitude of capabilities is perfect for boosting safety. iPlum's virtual texting system uses secure channels complete with encryption. It also helps you stay in line with financial & legal regulatory compliances in the Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection Acts because of handy call recording and text archiving features. Our app even implements an advanced password policy, which lets you set up enterprise-level security with encryption, 2FA, password complexity, and expiration.

Team Connectivity

iPlum is BYOD-ready, so your team can easily and quickly connect to one centralized system as soon as you sign up. The portal on the app will allow you to add and manage users with different profiles and permissions, giving you the freedom to incorporate your employees exactly the way you want. Keep your operations streamlined by keeping important info in one place and helping your team stay on the same page. You can even securely send or receive online faxes using the online portal.

Client Satisfaction

iPlum features several capabilities to make your client's experience smoother and more enjoyable. You'll get professional-looking phone tree virtual extensions, auto text replies with your signature when you miss a message, and your incoming calls will automatically be sent to voicemail during non-business hours. You can even set up an out-of-office greeting to let clients know that you're away but will respond to their queries as soon as possible.

Convenience and Quality

With dual calling reliability, you'll get the best call quality no matter the situation because you can use either your phone's voice network or switch over to internet calls. Call recording and voicemail transcriptions will make it easier to remember important client information and review conversations at your convenience. Finally, you can connect to external systems, EHR, and EMS with iPlum API for usage management, allowing your organization to maintain visibility and compliance at all times.

No matter how big or small, every financial organization can benefit from robust security, a team management platform, and virtual phone capabilities. With iPlum, you get access to all these amazing features in one convenient app.