What makes iPlum the ideal text and call solutions for the healthcare industry?

Dual Calling Reliability

allows you to use your voice network or internet data to ensure the best call quality in any situation

Phone Tree Auto-Attendant

helps your facility look professional with virtual extensions for each doctor or department

Team Accounts

let you organize and manage your team from a centralized portal

Secure Texting

between you and your patients via the free iPlum app


to protect your patients’ privacy

Voicemail Transcriptions

are sent straight to your inbox to make catching up on missed calls convenient


so your team can connect their work number to their existing phone, saving you money

Business Continuity

with the ability to transfer your existing office number to iPlum

From small private clinics to nationally recognized hospitals

No matter how big or small your facility is, iPlum can help you facilitate easier communication between your patients and providers. Your providers aren’t likely to spend much—if any—time sitting at a desk with a phone line. iPlum lets them route all calls to their existing device without giving away their personal phone number to patients. Reliable internet calling ensures that they are always reachable when on the job. When their shift ends, they can send calls directly to their voicemail and activate auto text replies to enjoy some much-needed time to recharge.

Scale Your Practice’s Growth

Instead of investing in new landlines or mobile devices every time you expand your team, adding new profiles to your team’s account and having new employees download the app is easy. As you add more providers, locations, or specialties to your practice, our automated attendant makes it easier for patients to reach the correct party faster.

Secure and HIPAA-Compliant

Our encryption and security features meet HIPAA standards. In order to receive secure, confidential messages from their provider, all your patients have to do is download our free mobile app to their smartphone or device. iPlum’s online portal is even equipped to send and receive faxes securely. In addition, our platform and app are password-protected to ensure your data stays safe. We require complex passwords that expire and must be reset regularly to prevent hacks or data breaches.

Accept calls from any patient, anywhere.

We know that many healthcare providers work across multiple offices or facilities. With iPlum, your patients and colleagues can get in touch with you no matter where you’re working with the same phone number. Thanks to our reliable VoIPs, call quality will be crisp and clear, ensuring you and your caller can communicate clearly and effectively.