How to setup text to email?

What is text to email feature?

In addition to receiving texts in the mobile app, iPlum provides you the feature to receive your incoming texts via email.  It is helpful when you are away from mobile or you need to forward incoming text to multiple iPlum users in your organizations.

Where to setup text to email?

Online web portal: Login
Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User  || Settings || Text Options (Edit) || "TEXT TO EMAIL" panel.  

Enable the toggle switch for "Receive email alerts for incoming text".

For privacy you can suppress texting number and/or text content.

What are the prerequisites for this feature?

This features requires that you have Security & Backup Enhanced add-on plan.  If you don't have this plan, you can add it in "Plans" section of your iPlum portal.

Can I send incoming text to other users in my organization?

Yes, you can add other iPlum users to receive incoming texts on your iPlum number by adding the users in this panel. Each user needs to have an iPlum number with enhanced backup plan.

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