Get advanced texting features at iPlum

iPlum provides a comprehensive solution for your messaging. These texting features are available in your iPlum web portal.

Archive/Unarchive text

You have texts from an old client which you want to archive, or unclutter your view from some spam text, you can archive those text or conversations.  Archive removes them from your view without risking your compliance for maintaining records. You can unarchive them anytime. In your iPlum portal texting page, simply click the 3-dot icon next to your conversation or single text to archive them.

Auto text reply

You can automatically send text reply for missed incoming calls & texts when you are busy. How to configure?

Broadcast text

You can broadcast text to a list of users. Each user receives text separately. Broadcast conversations are distinguished by word "BT" in the list. Broadcast messaging can be done for both regular & secure messaging.

Group text

You can send & receive text with attachments to a group of users for 2-way communication.  You can form a group with iPlum or external numbers for group messaging. Group messaging can be done for both regular & secure text.

MMS, SMS to external numbers

You can send & receive text with audio, photo & videos attachments to external numbers.

Pin a conversation

You have some high priority text conversations which you want to move at the top, you can do that by pinning them.  In your iPlum portal texting page, simply click the 3-dot icon next to your conversation.

Schedule text for future

You want to send appointment reminders to your clients in future, you can create a text & schedule it to execute in future.  In your iPlum portal texting page, create the text, click the clock icon next to the send button and save it to send in future. How to use?

Secure text

Send & receive secure text with audio, photo & videos for your compliance needs. How to use?

Text signature

Automatically add a text signature for your outgoing text. Helpful to provide information to your clients without having to type it each time. How to configure?

Text to email

Conveniently get your incoming text via email when you are way from your mobile or saving/forwarding them to a different location. How to configure?

Text templates

Create multiple text templates and easily send them to the clients without typing entire message. How to configure?

Unread a conversation

You have situations where you want to respond to a client later, you can mark it as unread by clicking the 3-dots icon next to the conversation on your texting page at iPlum portal.

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