Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Second Phone Number App

You can make call management easier and present a professional image with a second line for business. However, you should consider a few important points when signing up for a second phone number app.

Thanks to modern technology, there’s no need to subscribe to an expensive second cell phone line. Instead, you can add a cost-effective second cell phone number app to your smartphone.

Whether you want to present a professional image or take back control of your personal life, today’s technology makes it easy to add a second line to your smartphone. Now, you can keep your personal number private and give your business one out to everyone using an app to get a second phone number.

To learn the top five things to consider when choosing a second phone number app, read on.

1. Think About the Features

2. Check Out the SLA

3. Make Sure the Service Is Reliable

4. Do You Need HIPAA Compliant Service?

5. Ask About Support

Why Do I Need an App to Get a Second Phone Number?

If you have two cell phones, you know what a pain it is to lug them around. You must carry two phones, keep two phones charged and – most importantly – answer two phones.

Perhaps you use one for your business and one for your private life. You may also have alternative reasons for carrying two phones. Tinder anyone?

Another thing that’s great about today’s second-line services is they work across any device. Whether you need an iPhone second phone number app or one for Android, it will work on your smartphone.

Conduct Business Like a Boss With the Second Line App

A second line is a second number that helps you keep your personal life private. It works just like your main cell phone line – except better.

People can call your second line, and you can make calls from it. The entire service works through a second cell phone number app.

However, a second line can do more than your smartphone. For instance, you can set up a menu to route calls and use many of the features designed solely for businesses.

Read on to learn five things to consider when choosing a second phone number app.

1. Think About the Features

When searching for a second line service provider, think about how your business works. A second line is much more affordable than a standard mobile plan.

Nevertheless, you get all the same features that you get from your main cell phone provider. These features are typically free with your subscription to the service provider. For example, a service provider may include:

  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Voice mail

So far, a second line seems just like your first line, right? Wait, there’s more.

A second line also gives you access to business services. A service provider may provide additional business features, including:

  • Call management rules
  • Multiple extensions
  • Secure texting
  • Transcription
  • Voice menu service

A second line is a great way to gain access to a suite of professional automated business services.

2. Check Out the SLA

As you search for a provider, review their service level agreements (SLAs). Sometimes, second line service providers call their SLAs “Terms of Use.”

Either way, this agreement will give you an understanding of the type of business relationship you’ll have with the provider. You should understand these terms before you sign up for a second line service.

3. Make Sure the Service Is Reliable

You can count on your second line for high-quality calls.

However, those calls are only as good as the network. If you use your smartphone for business, and your service provider isn’t so great, their spotty service could interfere with your business.

Accordingly, you may want to think about upgrading to a better cell phone service provider. As for your second line service provider, it’s a good idea to make sure that a potential service provides some form of call continuity. For instance, if something happens to your primary service, your business calls will automatically reroute to a more reliable connection, such as the second line service provider’s cloud-based voicemail.

4. Do You Need HIPAA Compliant Service?

If your business handles sensitive patient data, HIPAA compliance is a must. If so, you’ll need to check to see if your potential second-line provider offers HIPAA compliant service.

HIPAA compliant service ensures that sensitive patient data remains safe and secure. Usually, a premium second line service provider will specify HIPAA compliance in a Business Associate Agreement.

5. Ask About Support

It’s important to establish whether a potential second-line provider offers 24-7 technical support. If you have issues after hours or during the weekend, for example, you want to know that someone’s there to help.

Alternatively, you may want to work with a service provider who can train employees on how to use your second line system if you have a large organization. You should always ask about technical support for a subscription service.

There are a ton of companies that sell communications services, and they’re great at marketing. However, not all companies provide great technical support. It’s your job to know that your potential second-line service provider does.

Choosing a Second Phone Number App

If you’re considering a second line, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the best app for a second phone number?” Today, the internet has made it easier to start a business. Many communications service providers are great at marketing. However, how do you tell if someone’s going to deliver great service or if they’re making empty promises? The answer is that you must do your research. Start your research by looking for online customer reviews.Also, take the time to review a service provider’s website thoroughly. The quality of a website will give you an idea of the quality of the company once you dig beyond the surface of their landing page.

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Today, a growing number of businesses need to manage a remote workforce. Still, those businesses must maintain a professional presence and networked communication. Accordingly, you must make sure you choose the best second phone number app for business.

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