Can I Ring Multiple Phones With One Number? (Hint: Yes!)

We all know that managing a business is complicated, even when everyone is under one roof. Being able to ring multiple phones with one number would simplify communications for your customers. What's more, approximately 81% of the office is working remotely during the pandemic, and according to the Gartner HR Survey, 41% will remain that way.

From setting up second lines for remote workers to having calls ringing on multiple numbers at a time - it's all needed to make sure your customers get the answers they're seeking. Read on to find out the best way to accomplish this.

1. Second Line for Remote Workers

2. Top Business Benefits of Second Phone Line Apps

3. Work-Life Balance for Remote Workers

4. Ringing on Multiple Devices

5. What If You Could Ring Multiple Phones With One Number?

6. Why Would a Business Use a Mobile Second Line System?

7. Making Your Small Business Look Good

8. What's Next?

Second Line for Remote Workers

Many businesses have introduced 2nd lines for their remote workers—these systems use an application installed on their smartphones. The apps work very similarly to any other app that is used for remote work, like Slack or Google Meet. The beauty of these is they allow calls that would typically be routed to the phone on their office desk to ring on their mobile device.

One of the primary concerns for workers who were not used to working remotely was having customers seeing their personal numbers. These concerns and others served as motivation for employers and managed service providers. It sent them to work to figure out how to keep business data safe and maintain workers' privacy who were working remotely.

One solution came from companies like iPlum who offer second-line services using VoIP that permit employees to keep work calls separate from personal ones and without needing another smartphone.

Top Business Benefits of Second Phone Line Apps

There are many benefits to implementing VoIP using second phone line apps. Scalability and mobility are just the beginning.

Work-Life Balance for Remote Workers

Experts like Chris Chancey, career expert, and CEO at Amplio Recruiting say there are a few ways to achieve work-life balance. A good one has many positive effects and workers have a proven lower risk of burn-out.  

When helping workers plan for working from home work-life balance is critical, it's best they keep it flexible so they can check all the boxes needed for work and still enjoy their personal life.

Here a few suggested ways that may help:

  • Accept that there isn't a "perfect" balance
  • Prioritize health
  • Unplug regularly
  • Make time for yourself and family
  • Establish boundaries and set work hours
  • Set priorities and goals

Ringing on Multiple Devices

Traditionally, PBXs would handle routing calls, and these phone systems would use a system referred to as call hunting. Call hunting routes an incoming call to multiple phones in a set order until the call is answered or sent to voicemail. The only problem is that a caller would often get frustrated while being passed from one to another extension and hang up.

So, while the premise was sound, it fell short of providing the best service.

What If You Could Ring Multiple Phones With One Number?

Most of the time, it's impossible to have two phones with one phone number assigned by a traditional phone company. Of course, you can set up forwarding, but is it the same? Not usually, because call forwarding typically happens when the call goes unanswered on the first phone number.

Having a call ringing multiple phones simultaneously is useful for help desks and sales desks for sure. So, the best way to ensure the customer reaches a person is to have an extension ringing more than one person.

Another reason you may want calls to ring multiple phones is to avoid missing a call. For example, an incoming call can ring a cellphone, home phone, and office phone together to ensure you don't miss important calls.

Did you know that second line VoIP systems, like iPlum, allow you to set up an extension number that can ring multiple phone numbers simultaneously, and that there are various options you can choose for how you want it done? Whether you decide to set up a group or specific target numbers is up to you.

It's a very forward-thinking system that helps make sure customers get through to a person, and if by any chance the call still goes unanswered, the call then goes to the main voicemail where they can leave a message.

Why Would a Business Use a Mobile Second Line System?

These days many workers aren't sitting at a desk, they are mobile. However, customers still need to be able to get in touch. It's even more critical during this pandemic when more workers are working from home.

What's more, businesses were already moving in this direction before the pandemic. Traditional PBX-based phone systems have been being upgraded to hybrid ones for cloud-hosted solutions for some time.

Making Your Small Business Look Good

Second-line services come with many benefits, not the least of them is making a small startup looking much more significant. When your customer calls and here's your professional, auto-attendant greeting them and instructing to press 1 for sales and so on, they're bound to be filled with confidence.

As your business grows, you can add numbers for your workers, or even add numbers for yourself. It all works from the same app sitting on your smartphone.

What's Next?

Now that you know you can ring multiple phones with one number, it's time for action. What's more, it's time to make your business shine and protect your workers working from home. A second-line solution is within your reach.

Cloud VoIP systems are helping businesses support the remote workers through the COVID pandemic and beyond.


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