How a Cloud VoIP System Can Help Your Remote Employees?

Did you know you can add a second line to your employee's mobile without them carrying an additional phone? Or that you can benefit from secure texting at a low cost?

In the USA 40% of small businesses with a mobile workforce are adopting Cloud VoIP services. Remote workers use VoIP to communicate with colleagues and customers directly from their own homes.

Cloud VoIP solutions offer 40% savings over traditional local call rates. And if your employees communicate globally savings can reach up to 90%!

This article examines how a virtual phone number app can enable your staff to work from anywhere. We'll cut through the jargon to discover the benefits a virtual line service can bring.

Read on to see how your business can profit from VoIP technology.

1. What Is Cloud VoIP?

2. What's so Great About VoIP?

3. Is VoIP Secure?

4. How Can VoIP Help My Remote Employees?

5. Can I Use Two Numbers on One Phone?

6. Work From Anywhere With VoIP

What Is Cloud VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP uses the Internet to send and receive calls, messages, and other communications.

It bypasses the traditional phone line or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and instead uses a virtual phone line. VoIP is also known as IP Telephony, and all you need to make calls is an Internet-enabled device.

Cloud VoIP handles all call forwarding, sending messages, etc. in a remote data center.

Unlike Business VoIP, this service offers a range of features including Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The data centers are designed to be secure, both digitally and physically, so your communications are kept private and safe.

What's so Great About VoIP?

There's a reason why over 200 billion people use VoIP. The benefits include:

  • Reduced call rates
  • Separate lines on the same device
  • HD calls
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Call forwarding

These are just some of the great benefits VoIP solutions can bring to your company. But there are more advantages like international communications and auto attendant software.

Want to talk to someone in Europe at the same rate as a local call? No problem. Need a virtual assistant to direct incoming customer inquiries? That's easy.

VoIP also enables business employees to work from anywhere using their existing mobile. Add a second line without adding another SIM. Just install the app and you're good to go!

Is VoIP Secure?

Companies are justified in questioning how VoIP handles their communications. Can't hackers intercept voice calls or steal transmitted messages if it's on the internet?

A good Cloud VoIP provider offers end-to-end encryption. That means every call or message you send is encrypted before it leaves your employee's phone.

Data stored online like text archiving and backup is encrypted too. Only authorized personnel have access to your company portal to view this information.

The very best providers also offer HIPAA compliant solutions.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets rigid measures to handle patient data in the health industry. Any type of communications like phone calls or text messages must meet stringent guidelines.

At iPlum, HIPAA and HITECH compliance is built into all our products. We also provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for all your associates as part of our Annual Unlimited Plan.

How Can VoIP Help My Remote Employees?

The days of installing a business phone line in your employees' homes are over thanks to Cloud VoIP.

If your staff works remotely they can use VoIP as a second line dedicated to business communications. They install a simple app with its own unique number. Any calls divert to their mobile but appear to come from the business.

VoIP phone systems for home use offer an inexpensive way for employees to become truly mobile.

They're not tied to a landline. They no longer need two phones. Everything's handled on their existing device. And if a staff member moves on it's easy to transfer the service to someone else.

Because texting and instant messaging are the modern ways workers communicate, VoIP is the perfect option. Group chats, multimedia, and built-in address books help get things done from any location.

Can I Use Two Numbers on One Phone?

VoIP realizes the dream of using two numbers on one phone without the hassle of additional SIM cards.

By installing an app, calls are automatically routed to the phone if it's got an Internet connection. This means you can have multiple phone lines for small business employees no matter where they are.

The virtual phone number app lets you take and make calls just as easily as you would from a landline. Customers see your business number, not the employee's personal mobile. And the app looks and feels like standard iPhone and Android phone and messaging applications.

Work From Anywhere With VoIP

Cloud VoIP enables any size of business to make secure calls from anywhere. By installing a simple app, your staff can add a second line without carrying two phones.

But which provider should you choose to handle your communications?

iPlum has been delivering Cloud VoIP solutions since 2015. Our simple app adds a second line to your employees' mobiles using their existing carriers. It's HIPAA compliant and offers secure communications for the healthcare industry.

The app won't break your bank account either.

You get all the benefits including email alerts, custom voicemails, and IVR. And your staff can send and receive calls from anywhere.

Adding a dedicated work number to your employees' phones is now easy and affordable with iPlum. So contact us today and chat with our experts.

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