New iPlum Features

Dual Call Reliability With Voice Network Mode

iPlum can use your voice network to route calls with carrier class reliability without relying on VoIP internet data and still show your iPlum number as Caller-ID or you can switch to default data network with Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE. You get best call quality in any situation with one of the most reliable business solution.

iPlum App Settings || Call Mode: Voice Network or Internet Data || Outgoing Calls / Incoming Calls || Use My Voice Network.

• Team Account

Organize your team with a centralized portal. Add and manage iPlum users with different profiles and permissions with a online account.

• Secure Texting Channels

Both regular and secure texting. Send regular text using iPlum number or setup secure texting channels for compliance purposes. The other side will simply download iPlum app and setup a free account for secure texting. This can be a doctor texting their patient using secure channel.

• Business Hours

Promptly respond to your calls & texts during business hours and send them directly to your voicemail during non-business hours.

iPlum App Settings || Do Not Disturb (Non-Business Hours)

• Auto Text Reply

Send smart business text for missed calls or texts. Tell your customers you care.

iPlum App Settings || Text Options || Text Auto Reply

• Auto Attendant (IVR) with Virtual Extensions like Phone System

Setup an Auto Attendant greeting which plays when a client calls your iPlum number. Create extensions to route these calls to same or multiple users.

• Text Archiving, Backup

Your iPlum account has inbuilt enhanced privacy & data encryption protection. To backup your texts for safety and future use, you can activate Backup Plan.

• Text to Email

You can setup options to receive your texts via email when you have enhanced backup plan.

• Text Templates

For frequently sending similar text to your clients, setup text templates in your iPlum app when you have enhanced backup plan.

• Voicemail Transcription

Get your voicemail as easy to read text with audio files directly in your inbox. Listen to voicemail at your convenience and save audio files offline. You can update enhanced voicemail feature online.

• Call Recording

Record incoming and/or outgoing iPlum calls for your business. There is an free consent message which you can play for your callers before recording.

iPlum App Settings || Call Recordings

• Block Spam Numbers

iPlum is a business service with full privacy. There is a free feature in iPlum to block numbers from calling & texting you

• HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

For professionals working in compliance industry, protect client information HIPAA & HITECH.

• Advanced Password Policy

The account administrator can setup advanced password policy applicable to primary and all sub-accounts: Two factor authentication, Password complexity, Password expirations, App passcode and more.

• Fax Line

Get a secure cloud based fax line for your business. You can get a new line or port your existing fax number into iPlum.

50+ Calling & Texting Features

  • Local & 800 Toll Free Numbers.
  • Number Portability.
  • Call Mode: Voice Network or Wi-Fi/Data.
  • True Caller-ID with Call Return.
  • Auto Attendant (IVR).
  • Business Team Account.
  • Business Hours.
  • Domestic Calling.
  • International Calling.
  • Secure Texting.
  • Domestic Texting.
  • International Texting.
  • MMS: Audio, Photo, Video, Short-codes.
  • Cloud Voicemail.
  • Email Alerts for Voicemail.
  • Custom Voicemail Greeting.
  • Call Notifications.
  • Transcriptions for Voicemail.
  • Out of Office Greeting.
  • Custom Auto Attendant Greeting.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Music on Hold.
  • Create Forwarding Extensions.
  • Call Management Rules.
  • Text to Speech Greetings.
  • Signature Text.
  • Auto-Text Missed Calls & SMS.
  • Auto-Text Business Hours.
  • Auto Attendant.
  • Fax.
  • Business Contacts.
  • Favorites Address Book.
  • Text Archiving, Backup.
  • Text to Email.
  • Multiple Call Forwarding – Global.
  • Multiple Inbound Paths.
  • Call Recording.
  • Announcement Call Recording Compliance.
  • Calling & Texting Logs.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Password Lock.
  • Reactivate Number.
  • Change/Swap Number.
  • Block Phone Numbers.
  • Ringtones & Message Tones.
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance.
  • BAA: Business Associate Agreement.
  • AES-256 Data Encryption & PKI Cryptography.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device ready (BYOD).
  • Cloud Based Group Management Console.
  • REST APIs for Usage Management.
  • Universal Links for Developer Integration.
  • iOS: iPhone & iPad.
  • Android: Smartphone, Tablet, Chromebook.
  • 23 Languages, 200 countries.
  • Customer Service (U.S. Based).

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