Modern Day Business: Your Remote Employees Need VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business

There's a phrase that keeps being turned, welcome to the new normal. Even if you didn't have remote workers before, most likely you do now. That's why now more than ever, VoIP phone systems for small business are a necessity.

Now that we're here, how do we move forward proactively to make working remotely easier for everyone? Let's take a look at how using VOIP can benefit your remote workers.

Table of Contents

1. How Do You Make Remote Work Easier?

2. How Can a VOIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses Help Remote Workers?

3. What Are the Benefits of Using VOIP for Remote Workers?

4. Tips for Remote Workers

5. What's Next

How Do You Make Remote Work Easier?

One thing that is helping remote teams of workers and employees right now is that businesses had already been using remote workers even before they sent everyone home due to the pandemic. Technology has advanced significantly, and there are now many options in software designed to control remote resources.

With business becoming more global every day, companies are hiring remote workers in other countries and locations, which has been an impetus to innovation and creativity overall. Besides, technology has made it easier to share information while keeping it secure through the use of the cloud and VOIP systems.

Staying connected without the resources available to employees in an office environment is one of the biggest challenges for remote workers. Unified Communications (UC) like VOIP give remote workers access to their business phone system, no matter where they may be working.

How Can a VOIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses Help Remote Workers?

With many businesses needing their employees to work from home at this time, many privacy concerns have been raised. It is simple to do computer work from home at this time; it is still a challenge to manage calls from mobile phones without compromising individual privacy. What is the solution?

Businesses can take a second line for their remote workers working from home. This solution lets employees work from home and forwards office calls to the second number. iPlum is a company providing a service that creates a second line on your device.

It comes with great features like calling, texting, and voicemail using an application installed on the device. This technology frees your remote workers from missing essential calls that could result in a loss of business.

What Are the Benefits of Using VOIP for Remote Workers?

There are several benefits for businesses that decide to adopt a VOIP solution for remote workers.

1. Remote Workers on the Go

If your remote workers need to make sales calls or run errands, having a VOIP solution means they won't miss a call. Whether out of their home or the office, they have access to their communication tools.

Current VOIP systems are based in the cloud and allow callers to hear a greeting and be transferred to an extension without needing to speak to a receptionist. Sometimes you hear this referred to as a Virtual Receptionist.

2. One Information Hub

One of the clear challenges for remote workers has been defining information hubs. Organizing documents and data on a cloud platform along with cloud-based VOIP gives workers easy access to what they need. Using a central hub for real-time edits and comments allows a more seamless workflow.

Businesses are continually monitoring these cloud-based resources to make sure they are secure and protected from cyber-attacks.

3. Productivity Improvements

Many experts agree that you'll gain better communication quality and reliability with VOIP. Since it's based in the cloud, there are no hardware failures that result in service interruptions. Besides, most VoIP providers can reroute calls during any service interruption but generally have stable uptime percentages.

4. Cost Savings

Many business owners have already moved to VOIP because of the monthly cost savings, but there are other savings. From the viewpoint of your remote workers, benefit in a reduction of many financial and emotional costs.

For example, commuting costs are entirely gone. Vehicle maintenance is also reduced considerably.

5. Data Security Is Enhanced

VoIP is the best way to communicate while maintaining security and sharing data since it is housed in a SOC 2-audited cloud. It is also continually updated to the most current version, which acts as a barrier for cyber-attacks. Since remote workers will use VOIP over VPN, this ensures that everything is in a secure environment.

6. Scaling Up and Down Is Simple

Having remote workers in many different markets is challenging. It is difficult to predict which area will need more workers or less. VOIP systems are built to handle unexpected changes.

There's no need to buy additional equipment administrators log into the system to add or remove lines as needed.

Need more lines? No Problem.

7. Expanding to More Geographic Areas

Whether you are hiring employees in many corners of the globe or are managing workers that need to travel a lot, VOIP lines make it easy for workers to be productive no matter where they are. Their office line moves with them wherever they go.

Tips for Remote Workers

Working from home is a new experience for many, and some are still finding their rhythm. Working in bed usually doesn't work, so what does?

Try these simple tips:

  • Set up a specific area
  • Establish rules and boundaries for the people you live with
  • Have the right tools and be comfortable
  • Try to keep your children on a routine
  • Maintain a consistent routine
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate - with everyone you work with
  • Keep connected with colleagues with apps like Slack and Zoom
  • Remember to take breaks
  • Make time for recreation and creative activities

What's Next

Traditional telephone systems are fading from the landscape for businesses with remote workers in international markets. Companies are empowering remote workers by implementing VOIP strategies that allow workers to maintain their privacy while still maintaining open communication with clients.

VOIP phone systems for small businesses empower remote workers and keep business running smoothly. With iPlum, you can maintain the same level of productivity while keeping personal & business lines separate.


Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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