12 Home Office Essentials to Make Remote Work a Breeze

Working from home was becoming more and more popular and then COVID-19 happened. Before March 2020, the number of people working from home had tripled. Now, almost everyone is working from home out of necessity (and in many places, government order).

To successfully work at home, there are some home office essentials that will make things much easier. Keep reading for 7 home office must-haves.

1. Second Phone Line

Less than half of Americans have a landline, so having a second cell phone line dedicated to business calls is necessary. iPlum allows you to get a second phone line on your own personal cell phone.

You can call, text, and receive voicemail on the second line, without having to get a brand new phone. It's inexpensive and you can have your office calls forwarded to that number and you don't have to give out your personal number.

2. Desk Organizer

Organization is key to productivity. If you can't find things you need like pens, sticky notes, paper clips, or other office supplies, you'll have to stop what you're doing and go hunting.

Get a desk organizer to keep everything at your fingertips and keep all your supplies looking neat.

3. Comfortable Chair

Sitting at a desk all day long is one of the leading causes of lower back pain, which is the most common work-related back issue. Not only can sitting cause back pain, but it can also cause neck and shoulder stiffness, wrist strain, and tight hips.

A comfortable chair, preferably an ergonomic one that is adjustable, can help alleviate this pain and stiffness. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to adjust your chair and to sit at your desk.

4. Monitor Stand

A monitor stand or monitor arm can help you alleviate neck and back strain, eye strain, and allow you to maintain the proper posture for sitting at a desk. You can also use a monitor stand or arm to free up space on your desk.

These are also useful if you have a standing desk or workstation, as they allow you to raise the monitor up high enough to stand and work.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are touted as a way to reduce eye strain and prevent eye disease. You can wear them while you work on your computer or while you are using other screens, such as cell phones and tablets.

Blue light blocking glasses can also help improve your sleep, especially if you are working late at night or are often on screens close to bedtime.

6. Noise-Canceling Head Phones

If there are kids, other adults, dogs, or other noises in your house that might distract you, noise-canceling headphones are necessary. These will allow you to drown out outside noises and get in a working mindset.

7. Printer/Scanner

You never realize how many things you need to print or scan and email until you don't have access to a printer or scanner. A machine that can do both is ideal and not overly expensive. You can get a printer/scanner/fax combo that can handle any of your printing and scanning needs.

Many scanners allow you to scan and email right from the printer or from an app on your phone. This becomes even more convenient if the printer is wireless.

8. Good Lighting

Good lighting is necessary for any office space. At work, you probably have glaring fluorescent lighting in your office. While you don't have that at home, most likely, you'll still want ample lighting.

Since you have more control over it, you can add desk lamps to your space and use softer bulbs to eliminate harsh lighting.

9. Uninterruptible Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a power source that comes into play when your power goes out. The UPS is essentially a backup battery and gives you the ability to safely save your work and shut down your computer.

The most common type is a standby UPS, which switches on when there is a blackout, brownout, power surge, or other loss of power. They are good options for home computers and other home electronics.

10. Portable Hot Spot

Like a power outage, an internet outage can really impact your ability to work productively. A portable hot spot allows you to connect to the internet than your home cable or fiber internet. You can typically get these through your cell phone provider.

They are also good options if you are working on the go or are often in areas that have limited connectivity.

11. Warming Plate

What's a home office set-up without some luxuries, like a warming plate to keep your cup of coffee or tea warm? Plug it in, put it on your desk, and you'll have a warm drink all day long.

If water is more your style, invest in a carafe and water glass to keep on your desk to make sure you stay hydrated all day long.

12. Coffee Maker

If you're going to be stuck at home making your own coffee, you might want to consider splurging on a fancy coffee maker. Whether you go with a Keurig or Nespresso type machine to make single cups of coffee or a fancy coffee pot that has the perfect water to coffee ratio and brews the perfect pot of coffee, treat yourself (especially since you're probably not picking up a coffee on the way to work anymore).

Home Office Essentials to Improve Your Setup

Make the best of working at home with these home office essentials. You don't have to spend a lot to make your space comfortable and functional, and since most employers are requiring employees to work from home, they might foot the bill for some of the items.


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