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Key Features

1. Business Features Without Changing Carrier.

With iPlum there is no need to carry two devices. Use your existing carrier smartphone to install iPlum and get a separate 2nd line with a US, Canada or Toll-free number. iPlum has its own calling, texting, distinct ringtones and voicemail.

2. Dual Reliability With Voice Network Mode Or Data Mode.

With iPlum you can use your voice network to route calls with carrier class reliability without relying on VoIP and still show your iPlum number as Caller-ID, Or you can switch to internet data mode with Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE. You get best call quality in any situation with one of the most reliable business solution.

3. Auto Text Reply & Text Signatures.

Send smart business text for missed calls or texts. Attach a signature for your texts. Tell your customers you care.

4. IVR / Auto Attendant with Virtual Extensions And Phone Tree.

iPlum IVR / Auto attendant is uniquely designed to create virtual extensions to give a professional look for your business. You can be a large business with mobile fleet or you can be a solo professional. You can benefit from iPlum.

5. Privacy With HIPAA & HITECH Compliance.

For businesses and professionals working in compliance industry, it is critical that their client information is protected as per privacy and security regulations like HIPAA.

6. Business Hours With Do Not Disturb.

Promptly respond to your calls & texts during business hours and send them directly to your voicemail during non-business hours.

7. Voicemail Transcription.

Get your voicemail as easy to read text with audio files directly in your inbox. Listen to voicemail at your convenience and save audio files offline. You can update enhanced voicemail feature online.

8. Call Recording.

Record incoming and/or outgoing iPlum calls for your business. There is an free consent message which you can play for your callers before recording.

9. Block Spam Numbers.

iPlum is a business service with full privacy. There is a free feature in iPlum to block numbers from calling & texting you.

How to setup iPlum?

50+ Calling & Texting Features

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Additional Questions

How Is Privacy Built Into iPlum?

iPlum is a business class service with 100% data protection. Unlike free services which are supported with ads or they share your usage meta data, we respect your privacy and fully protect your information. Your information is never shared with any third party or put into any advertisements. You get complete peace of mind.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, our users have the freedom to start and stop iPlum low-cost service at will. There are no complicated contracts.

Does iPlum provide Call Recording?

Yes, iPlum provides call recording feature. For compliance it includes an optional “Consent” message which you can play for incoming calls if your state requires it. You automatically get an alert via email when you have a recording which you can play in the iPlum online portal or iPlum app.

Can I get an iPlum number even if I am located Internationally?

Yes, you can get an iPlum low cost number even if you are located elsewhere in the world. iPlum makes that possible with our advanced communications platform.

Can I port my existing number into iPlum?

Yes, you can also port your existing U.S., Canada or Toll-free number into iPlum. Your rates are same as new number products at iPlum. How to port an existing number into iPlum?

How to setup auto attendant for your 2nd line at iPlum?

iPlum brings cloud-based virtual digital attendant greeting and extensions to professionals and businesses worldwide. “Press ‘1’ for Sales, press ‘2’ for Support…” How iPlum mobile number with auto attendant works?

Can I create unlimited extensions with my auto attendant?

Yes, you can create unlimited multiple extensions in iPlum mobile phone system. Each extension can be set to ring single or multiple numbers. You can setup simultaneous or sequential ringing. These numbers can be iPlum numbers, external domestic or international numbers. There are no restrictions. You can change extensions anytime.

Can I forward my iPlum calls to external mobile or landline numbers?

Yes, you can forward your iPlum calls to your landline or mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world. Call Forwarding can be setup in the iPlum app settings. iPlum’s unique call forwarding feature allows to ring three external numbers simultaneously. You can also setup time period of the day for call forwarding. How to setup call forwarding in iPlum?

Can I setup a central account for allocating numbers and manage billing for other iPlum users?

Yes, you can set up an iPlum account and then add “Additional Lines” to manage phone numbers and the permissions centrally from the cloud-based console. How to setup an iPlum account with multiple users?

Which mobile platforms are supported by iPlum?

iPlum works on both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Smartphone, Tablet) including Chromebooks.