iPlum Call Recording Features

  • Record all outgoing calls automatically.
  • Works for both business & personal use.
  • Play an optional consent message for legal compliance.
  • Works for Auto-Attendant/IVR and Call Forwarding calls.
  • Dodd-Frank & Consumer Protection Act for Mobile Compliance.
  • Record all incoming calls automatically.
  • Download, save, and play standard audio files in the app or online portal.
  • Get an email notification when there is a recording waiting for you.
  • CMS insurance compliance.
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for Data Security in Financial Sector.

What is the Cost of a Call Recording Add-on Plan?

There are two types of call recording add-ons:

Can I Get A Local Number As a Second Line?
iPlum provides local numbers in all US and Canadian states. We provide access to millions of local numbers. You always get the option to choose your number from the iPlum numbers inventory.
Simple: Includes bidirectional call recording with 100 recordings at a time. After that, it will overwrite the oldest recording. This plan is normally used for non-compliance recording requirements.
Compliance: Includes bidirectional unlimited call recording and text archiving for multiple years for compliance purposes.  Please check here for compliance.

Note: The system also allows you to download and save all recordings locally on your computer.