How to setup additional iPlum numbers on same device?

Important: iPlum app holds one iPlum number but if you are using multiple numbers for incoming calls only, you can setup call forwarding from multiple iPlum lines to main iPlum number to receive all incoming calls in same app.  There are setting in call forwarding feature which allows you to see on which iPlum number the call came to distinguish between calls.  You can also route unanswered calls to that number’s specific voicemail greeting. If you need to use outbound calling in iPlum app showing each number separately OR you need texting for both lines you would either need to logout of one account & login to another or install them on different devices.  It can be a phone or a tablet.

Note: If you need special technical consulting for your advance setup, you can request a 30 minute live Zoom conference call  with our in-house specialists using this special link for $25. They will walk you step by step.

Example setup:

Let's say you have already setup an iPlum phone number X. Now you want to purchase an additional iPlum number Y.  The goal is to receive calls from both numbers on the same device.

You can repeat this process for any number of additional iPlum phone numbers on one device.

A. Setup Additional iPlum Number (Y).

Note: If you have already purchased additional iPlum number, you can skip this step.

  1. Login to your primary iPlum Account online.
  2. Dashboard || Users || Add New User (Phone/Fax). Create a new user with an email address as login-id.
    Click the link you receive in SMS or Email to setup new password for this user. The additional user is now connected to your primary account.
  3. Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the new user.
    Click "Get iPlum Number" to setup a new iPlum number for this user. Lets say that number is Y.

B. Setup Simple Call Forwarding on Y.
  1. Login to your primary iPlum Account online.
  2. Dashboard || Users || Click the iPlum Login ID of the new user - where you want to setup call forwarding (Y)  ||  Settings || Call Forwarding (Edit).

    1. Enable Call Forwarding by toggle switch.
    2. Enter X.
    3. Select Incoming Caller-ID Number: Show user iPlum Number.
    4. Get notification in iPlum app (Not recommended) : Leave it unchecked.
    5. Advanced Options 2nd Level: Use iPlum Voicemail.  This will make sure the call gets routed to its own iPlum voicemail for that number.

C. Setup Voice Network mode on primary iPlum number X:

Voice network mode generally has best call quality.

Dashboard || Users || Click the primary line login ID  || Settings || Calling Network Mode: Incoming Calls (Edit)

Click "Use My Voice Network" and enter your physical mobile number.

D. Voicemail Greeting:

You can setup voicemail greetings in your own voice for each account in the iPlum portal.

Dashboard || Users || Click the iPlum Login ID where you want to setup Voicemail greeting  ||  Voicemail || Settings.

Note: If you don't want to pick the call, just let it ring or click "Side Power button" to stop ringing on your device.  After 20 seconds (default) the call will automatically go to its own iPlum voicemail and you will get an email alert for it.

E. Which account should I be logged into my iPlum app? :

Always login as your primary account X to receive calls from both primary (X) and additional iPlum number (Y).

F. Voicemail Transcriptions:

You can receive voicemails via email as audio file attachment along with voicemail text transcriptions.  Please check this FAQ for  voicemail transcription via email.

G. Business Hours:

You can setup business hours on each line using Do-Not-Disturb option at the iPlum portal.

H. Outgoing calls:

To make any outbound call from any iPlum number to show its caller-id, you will login as that account in your iPlum app.

I. Texting:

To send or receive texts, you will login as that specific account in your iPlum app.

Note: To see texts for both accounts in read only mode, you can enable Text Archive feature in your iPlum portal & you will be able to see the texts there for both accounts.

If you have any questions, you can always Contact us.

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