RingCentral Alternative: iPlum

What Is RingCentral ?

RingCentral* provides cloud based phone and team messaging system. The company was started as VoIP alternative to on-premises legacy phone systems.
*Trademark of  RingCentral

How does it compare vs. iPlum?

iPlum provides a solution which is mobile first.  As more users are becoming mobile, they have different requirements.  iPlum can scale from a solo entrepreneur to multiple employee business solution without tying them to a desk-phone.  

You get a local or toll-free number for U.S. / Canada to use as second line on your existing device without changing the carrier. All the iPlum plans have free IVR / auto attendant and extensions to give a professional look to your business.

Our customers get carrier class reliability at iPlum i.e. you can use your carrier calling network (non-VoIP) or wi-fi/carrier-data for calling.  It gives you one of the most reliable calling experience for a second line without changing your carrier.

What is iPlum pricing vs RingCentral?

iPlum plans are most comprehensive and includes all the features required for a business professional.

With iPlum you get second line with business features for $7.99/mo.  There is no long term contract.  You can cancel any time.

Our competitors charge much higher for similar level of service and features.

Can I port my existing RingCentral number into iPlum?

Yes, you can port your RingCentral number into iPlum. It is easy to port your RingCentral number into iPlum by following these steps

How does iPlum take care of user privacy?

iPlum is a business class service with 100% data protection. We provide comprehensive security and privacy. Unlike free services which are supported with ads or they share your usage meta data, we respect your privacy and fully protect your information.

Your information is never shared with any third party or put into any advertisements. You get complete peace of mind.  Among other features, iPlum provides HIPAA compliance at no additional cost to its users.

How to setup iPlum ?

I am a solo professional, Can I use iPlum? Examples

Yes, give your callers a professional tone.  Setup iPlum auto-attendant & configure your extensions to dial your iPlum number. The callers will hear the greeting and by selecting your short extension they will be able to reach your iPlum number. If you don't pick up it will go to your iPlum voicemail which you will be notified via email.

How do I setup a business account with multiple users / employees? Can I setup a central account for allocating numbers and manage their billing?

Yes, you can set up an iPlum business account and then add "Additional Lines" in it for your users centrally from the cloud-based console. How to setup an iPlum account with multiple users?

How do I setup multiple extensions for sales, support and more for my business? Examples

You can create multiple departments with unlimited extensions ringing to same or different numbers (iPlum or external numbers).

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