How to change iPlum Login, Name, Email or Caller-ID?

  1. Login to secure online portal
  2. Go to Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Settings || Profile & Permissions.

a) iPlum Login-id : Click on the pencil icon next to login-id.  Select the radio button depending on the new login to be an email or mobile phone number.  The system will send you a verification code which you will confirm here to complete the change. Make sure the new login-id should not be already used at iPlum for another account.

Note: To swap two iPlum logins between two accounts, you will first change the first login-id to an email address, freeing up the first login-id phone number and then change the 2nd login-id to first login ID.

b) Email : Click on the pencil icon next to email and update new email.

c) Name : Click on the pencil icon next to name and update new name.

d) Caller-id (Outgoing): Click on the pencil icon next to caller-id. Choose between user's iPlum number or other iPlum numbers on the account.

Note: Most carriers would show both the caller name and phone number in the caller-id but some receiving carriers may show only the caller number with city & state based on their internal policies.

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