How iPlum Do Not Disturb (DND) works?

Where to setup Do Not Disturb (DND)?

  • iPlum App:
    Settings || Do Not Disturb, Non-Business Hours || Set Options


  • Online iPlum Portal:
    Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Settings || Do Not Disturb, Non-Business Hours (Edit).  

    Enable the toggle switch to select for Calls and/or Text & Notifications.

What does various DND options mean?

Do Not Disturb for Calls: This will enable Do Not Disturb for calls.

Send call to voicemail: This option will route calls directly to your voicemail without ringing. This is most common use case of DND.


Remove from phone tree hunt group / Drop call: Use this option when your number is part of phone tree extensions specifically in simultaneous or sequential hunt group and you want to exclude your number temporarily from it. You want the call to ring to next member in the hunt group without going to your voicemail greeting.

Do Not Disturb for Text: This will remove "sound" from alert notifications for texts & voicemail. You will continue to receive silent notifications and actual text or voicemail in the app. DND doesn't disable texting or silent notifications.

How to setup Do Not Disturb Hours?

Note: Do Not Disturb hours are same as setting up Non-Business hours.

Example: If you have business hours from 9 AM to 5 PM Mon to Fri and closed Saturday/Sunday, your Non-Business hours will look like:

Mon to Fri: From = 5 PM & To = 9 AM

Sat & Sun: All Day

I have setup a schedule for normal business hours but I need to override it for short periods when I am in meetings?

You can switch to "Always" option in set schedule during those times and revert to "Custom" option for normal schedule of Non-Business hours.

Is there a visual indication in the app when my DND is enabled?

Yes, the app's top section would show when the DND is active on your iPlum line.

Do I need to keep my app open to manage Do Not Disturb?

Your iPlum app doesn't have to be open. Do Not Disturb works automatically from the cloud.

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