How does iPlum call transfer work?

How to use iPlum call transfer?

Make sure your iPlum account has the phone tree setup on main line.  Only the calls received via Phone tree to an extension can be transferred using below steps.

After you receive a call on any extension, you can transfer that call to another iPlum number or external number.

While you are in the iPlum call using mobile app, press the keyboard icon in the iPlum app call screen.

Then press *7 (star 7) and enter the 10 digit phone number followed by #.

After the call is connected, press:

0 to conference.

1 to exit yourself.

2 to end call transfer.

Note: There is no "1" before US number.


A calls B. B wants to transfer call to C.
(C - Phone Number: 202-123-1234).

After A gets connected to B, B will enter *7 in their iPlum app keypad followed by 2021231234#.  

A will hear Music-on-Hold.

B can talk to C for one-one conversation, then press 0 to conference C into the call with A.

Or press 1 to take itself (B) out of the bridge and let A and C have the conversation.

Or press 2 to end the call with C (keep conversation between A and B).

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