For Whom the Bell Tolls: How to Look up a Toll-Free Number?

In the world of the internet, it can seem outrageous to call someone. However, phone calls can be especially useful when conducting business.

If you need to call a company, their toll free number is the best option. But what if you don't know their number? Or what if you have a number but don't know what it's for>

The good news is that you can look it up.

1. Why Look Up a Toll Free Number?

2. How to Look Up a Toll Free Number?

3. When You Have the Number

4. When You Have the Company?

5. Incoming Call

Why Look Up a Toll Free Number?

If you want to contact a company by phone, a toll free number is a good option. The toll free number makes the call free for you, the customer.

Toll free numbers got their start when calls went through an operator. In many cases, you had to pay for a call. So many businesses started offering toll free numbers to encourage people to contact them.

While you don't usually have to pay for a call these days, toll free numbers still have a purpose. If you need to call a business in another state or country, they'll usually have a toll free number for that.

Even with the popularity of the internet, calls can still be a good communication method. There's nothing like speaking to a person to answer your questions or place an order.

Unfortunately, toll free numbers can be hard to find.

How to Look Up a Toll Free Number?

If you need or want to contact a company by phone, you can use a toll free number. However, you first need to find that number.

There are a few things you can do to look up a toll free number. Depending on what information you have, you can match a toll free number to the company in a couple of ways.

Consider what information you have and what you need to make the call. Then, you can do the right type of search to find what you need.

When You Have the Number

In some cases, you may have access to a toll free number without the company name. Perhaps you wrote down the number at an appointment or after browsing a website.

Or maybe you have an old business card, and the company name wore off.

Whatever the reason, you should be able to match the number to the owner. Then, you will know who you can reach with that toll free number.

If you have a number that starts with 800, 866, 877, 888 or a similar code, you have a toll free number. Now, you can use that number to determine who owns it.

Use a Database

One way you can determine the owner of a toll free number is to use a database. There are a few toll free number databases out there that match numbers to companies.

Websites like Search Who Owns have a search tool where you can enter the toll free number you have. Once you enter and search, you'll see more information about the number.

Depending on the database, you can figure out the company name and the referral number. Of course, the company name is the company that owns the number.

The referral number is the number you can contact if you have problems contacting the toll free number you entered.

In some cases, you might not get any information. Sometimes, a number is available, or someone just got the number, but it hasn't been added to the database.

Use Google

If you don't want to use a database or it doesn't result in any info, you can try Google. You can search either for a reverse phone lookup, or you can search for the number itself.

The specific results you get will depend on the search you do. Searching for a reverse phone lookup will give you a list of lookup services.

On the other hand, putting a toll free number into Google can give you different results. Ideally, you would see a link to the company's website or contact page.

However, if the number isn't listed on a company page, that won't happen. You may see a few results about potential companies that own the number.

In some cases, you'll see a phone number database.

If you can't find the information you need from a toll free number database, Google can be very helpful. However, it's still not perfect.

Call the Number

Another thing you can do to discover who owns a particular toll free number is to call the number. Odds are either a person will answer the call or you'll hear an automated message.

Which every result you get, you can use that to determine the company. If someone picks up, you can ask them who they work for. And some automated messages include the company name.

When You Have the Company?

Sometimes, you may have a particular company you need to call, but you need their toll free number. In that case, you have a couple of options.

When you know the specific company and department you need to reach, you can look for that company. You won't have to use a toll free number database.

However, you can also use Google just in a different way.

Find the Company Website or Social Media

If you know the company that you need to contact, you can find their website or social media accounts.

Many company websites have a contact page that lists their phone numbers. If they have a toll free number, you should find it on that page.

In some cases, you can also find a company's contact info on their social media. Networks like Facebook allow companies to add their phone numbers so that customers can call them.

If you can't find a company's number on their website, you can head to their social media accounts. You might just find their toll free number on their profile.

Use Google

Of course, if their website and social media don't work, you can find a toll free number with Google. This time, type the company name into Google.

You may also need to put "phone number" or "toll free number" next to the name. The results you get will depend on your search.

But hopefully, you will be able to find the phone number you need.

Incoming Call

Finding a toll free number can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you have the phone number or the company name, you can find a toll free number.

Do you need a toll free number? Sign up for an account and get your toll free number today.

Authored by Keily Atterberg, a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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