Are You Ready for a Cloud Phone System for Your US or Canada Number?

The cloud is a fantastic storage and communications resource that comes with many benefits.

Still, who needs a cloud phone system for their US or Canada number?

These days every small business is stretching its technology budget to the max from supporting remote workers to securing their data from cybercriminals. What's more, about 75% of global companies have now shifted their phone systems to a cloud platform.

Are you ready to make the switch? Read on to learn more.

1. What Is a Cloud Phone System?

2. What Are the Benefits of a Cloud Phone System?

3. Will You Choose a Cloud Phone System for Your Canada Number?

What Is a Cloud Phone System?

In simple terms, the cloud means software and services that use the internet to run rather than needing equipment kept in your office. A cloud phone system is one that has been making a move to the cloud for a while.

Cloud phone systems for small businesses substitute traditional landlines and are generally hosted by a third-party provider like the iPlum.

What Are the Benefits of a Cloud Phone System?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs see that it makes sense to use cloud services hosted and managed by a third-party for their phone services. What's more, if your business is like most, more than half of your staff are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, making a cloud phone system essential.

There are some significant advantages to using a cloud system for phone and communication set up:

United Communication System

One of the remarkable things about cloud-based phone systems is how they unify your communications. All of your workers remain connected whether they wish to use smartphones, traditional desk phones, or computer-based softphones, and it's not dependent on where they are physical.

Excellent Business Tools

Imagine if your small business had access to the same business tools that its larger competitors have. Guess what! With a cloud phone system, it can.

It can have access to services like:

  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Do Not Disturb
  • IVR, Virtual Digital Assistant
  • Forwarding Extensions
  • Call Management Rules
  • Auto Text Missed Calls & SMS
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance
  • And More

Better Customer Care

Phone cloud services with an IVR or Virtual Receptionist allow businesses to direct callers to various departments, to multiple phones or even create greetings unique to a specific department. Examples could be holiday greetings or promotional messages.

With more employees being mobile or remote, a cloud phone system enables your customers to have confidence they can reach their account rep or anyone else they need, all from the number they are used to dialing.

Your business revenue relies on productivity and excellent customer service, so why let your phone system put limits on you or your employees?

Mobility and Scalability

Whether your salespeople are always on the move or remote workers, your business has never been so widespread. Trying to run a business on desktop phones isn't only silly; it can be penny foolish.

Your business is always changing, some months you've expanded and others you've scaled down. Wouldn't you want a phone system that you can adjust easily without a lot of overhead costs and as needed? A cloud phone system does this, plus a lot more.

Work-Life Balance

Keeping workers connected isn't easy, and when you give them too many options, employees get overwhelmed. When they consider the amount of work communication they're dealing with, it is a challenge, and 70% of workers think so.

iPlum makes it less stressful by providing one place for your staff to keep connected with the office and customers. It also gives them a second number that puts them in control of their time. Scheduling a 'do not disturb' downtime in the evening allows them to decompress, have uninterrupted family time, or disconnect from their electronics.

Professional Look

Life at a start-up or small business can feel chaotic. The last thing you want is for that to come across to your customers. Moving your US or Canada number to a cloud phone system makes perfect sense, especially if your company is working out of a non-traditional space. For example, if you've carved out space on your kitchen table, your customer will still get a great professional vibe of your business with an iPlum number.

Easy to Take Control of Your Time

Call screening allows you to be in control of your time. Getting business calls in iPlum offer a few options:

  • In an important meeting, pressing the power button on your smartphone silences the ringing.
  • Setting up auto texting, you can let your customer know you'll be in touch when you miss or decline a call.
  • Set business hours and enable Do Not Disturb you space for personal time

Cost Savings

With a cloud phone system, the most striking feature is how much you'll save. With an iPlum cloud phone system, all you require is all on the internet and in the cloud. There's no expensive hardware or software to install, making your capital costs a big fat zero. What's more, you'll sound like an Inc 5000 company, but without all the expenses.

Most businesses are skeptical when they hear this, but the costs of a cloud phone system are much lower than those associated with traditional ones. With everything being online with a third-party provider, maintenance and updates are not on you anymore.

Technology has been moving to the cloud since the early 2000s. It offers a lot of resources and many services. A cloud phone system could be just what you need with all of its features coming at such a low cost.

Will You Choose a Cloud Phone System for Your Canada Number?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, starting a new business, or making changes to your business set up due to the pandemic, an iPlum cloud phone system could be the best choice for your Canada number.

If you have questions, iPlum has many answers already available.


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