All About Toll Free Numbers: How Your Business Could Benefit

Did you know that offering excellent customer service can lead to an increase in your company's revenues and profits? You can improve your customer service in many ways, but one ideal solution is by getting a toll free number. A lot of consumers use online services to reach companies, but many people prefer phone conversations. If you don't offer a toll free number, though, they might not call.

Many companies turn to toll free numbers to improve customer satisfaction and make it easier for their customers to contact them. You probably know what a toll free number is, but do you realize the benefits it can offer your business?

If you don't know the benefits, you might not realize how important it is. Here is a guide to help you know why your business needs a toll free number.

1. Toll Free Numbers Are Easy to Remember

2. Some Customers Prefer Talking to a Person

3. A Toll Free Number Makes Your Business Look More Professional

4. You Receive Many Features With a Toll Free Number

5. Toll Free Numbers Offer Safe and Private Calls

6. Toll Free Numbers Are Portable

7. Ready to Get Your Business a Toll Free Number?

Toll Free Numbers Are Easy to Remember

One of the top benefits of a toll free number is they are easy for consumers to remember. If you want your customers to know how to reach you, offering a toll free number is a perfect idea.

You can choose from many prefixes and numbers, and you can also choose a vanity number. A vanity number is something you can use in your marketing efforts to help people know how to reach you. Vanity numbers also help with branding.

A vanity number is a phone number that spells something. If you can choose a number that spells a word related to your business, people will have a much easier time remembering it.

For example, if your business sells candles, you could use a prefix with the letters: CANDLES. Remembering your number is a breeze if you use a vanity number.

Some Customers Prefer Talking to a Person

As mentioned, many people prefer talking to a real person when they have issues, questions, or concerns. If you don't have a phone number where your customers can reach a person, they might feel discouraged.

While many people prefer communicating with businesses online or through other electronic methods, many people still prefer what some might consider "the old-fashioned" form of communication - a phone call.

If you don't have a phone number for people to call, some might turn elsewhere for their needs. As a result, you could lose business and customers.

Additionally, if your customers can't reach you when they have problems, they might post derogatory reviews online. If you offer live operators, they will at least have a way to resolve their issues.

A Toll Free Number Makes Your Business Look More Professional

Additionally, getting a toll free number can help your business look more professional. If you are a new start-up, you'll need customers. To get customers, you'll have to advertise in ways that attract people.

If your company doesn't look professional, people might pass right by and find a different business to use. Competition is a huge part of all businesses. Therefore, finding ways to look professional can help you build a business.

Once you have a toll free number, you can use it in all your marketing efforts. Anyone with questions or needs can call the number to learn more.

Finding ways to build credibility is vital for all business types, and this is a simple way to achieve this goal. Getting a toll free number is simple, too.

You Receive Many Features With a Toll Free Number

Many people don't realize that toll free numbers offer more than phone calls. Today, a toll free number provides many additional features that you couldn't get years ago. Here are some of the top features you might be interested in:


One feature you can get with a toll free number is texting services. If you want to send reminders to your customers, you can use the number to send texts. You can also use the texting services to inform your customers about your monthly specials.

Recording Features

Toll free numbers also offer the feature of recording phone calls. If your business could benefit by recording all the phone calls received or made, you can do this through a toll free number.

Call Logs

You'll also receive a log of all the calls received and made during a period. By having this log, you can have more control over your customers. You can even create a database with this information.

Auto Attendant

Another helpful feature you can get is auto attendant. Through this, you can set up a series of options for your customers. They can press specific buttons to receive the exact information they need.

Toll Free Numbers Offer Safe and Private Calls

If your business must follow HIPAA laws, you'll benefit by choosing a HIPAA compliant toll free number. HIPAA compliant numbers allow you to handle phone conversations in a legal, safe, and private manner.

All healthcare providers must legally follow these laws. However, following HIPAA laws can be challenging. If your business is required to follow these laws, having a toll free number can alleviate a lot of stress.

With a HIPAA compliant line, you can make all the phone calls you need to make. The best part is that your phone line provides the privacy and security required by HIPAA regulations.

Toll Free Numbers Are Portable

One last thing to understand about toll free numbers is that they are portable. If you consider how a landline works, you'll likely see the benefits of this feature.

A landline is a phone line that connects to a physical location. If you move your business, you must call the phone company to transfer the services from your existing building to your new one.

A toll free number doesn't require these steps. Instead, it is a portable number that you can take anywhere you go. You can tie it to cellphones or traditional phones, and it goes anywhere you go.

Having a portable number is vital for many business types, and every business can benefit from this. If you are interested in getting a portable toll free number, start your search today. You won't regret it.

Ready to Get Your Business a Toll Free Number?

Every business can benefit from toll free numbers, including yours. Are you ready to find the best toll free number for your company? Are you ready to experience all the benefits listed here and more?

If you are interested in getting a toll free number for your business, contact us. We offer excellent services and options, and we can customize a package for your business!

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