5 Advantages of VOIP Phone Systems for Small Office Solutions

Nearly half of all employed Americans currently work from home. The current COVID-19 crisis has forced most of the businesses in the United States and Canada to restructure their operations around remote working.

Working from home requires more than just personal computers. As a business, you need to think outside the box to ensure that communication with employees and clients is effective.

Landline and mobile networks were once an effective way of achieving communication in the past. However, you now need to consider the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Phone systems for a small office need to provide a long term solution for active engagement with your employees and clients.

Here are some critical benefits your company can derive from an updated VoIP phone system.

1. Service Mobility

2. Unmatched Versatility

3. Automated Assistance

4. Low Costs

5. Secure

What Are VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. This category of phone systems enables users to use the internet as the mode of transmission for all telephone calls. As opposed to using the traditional approaches to communication, the VoIP sends voice data in packets through IP.

With the VoIP phone set up, your small business can utilize internet protocol as opposed to the old-fashioned circuit transmissions through the PSTN. The main goal of installing VoIP phone systems is to end the hassle of installing many types of hardware.

Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems for a Small Office

With the VoIP business phone system, you can still have a traditional phone number. You also have the choice of handling toll-free numbers and route calls to other employees through extensions. Here are all the benefits of VoIP systems.

1. Service Mobility

If there is anything businesses have learned during the current pandemic, it's the need for service mobility. Traditional phone systems had an underlying mobility challenge where the transfer of services and phone numbers was a constant nightmare. Without options such as the VoIP phone system, many businesses would be in trouble right now.

VoIP phone systems provide the best solution if your business is on-the-go or looking to enhance mobility. You don't have physical limitations when you opt for this option. This means that employees can work remotely while meeting all business-related demands with ease.

Modern service providers such as iPlum offer VoIP solutions that can best suit your company’s need for mobility. Are you looking for an option that can ensure your employees have a second line of communication to keep up official duty while keeping up their private lives?

With iPlum, you can receive calls, texts, and even voicemail on your second phone line for only $10 a month. Plus, you get the same carrier-class reliability. You don't have to let the current COVID-19 pandemic cripple your operations with a second phone line.

2. Unmatched Versatility

Companies that have tried out the VoIP phone systems attest to the versatility of features this option offers. Once you consider VoIP phone systems, you have the benefits of multi-tasking due to the numerous features inherent in the system. With the VoIP phone system, you'll enjoy the benefits of multi-functionality beyond just receiving calls.

The additional services include instant messaging services and teleconferencing features. Your employees can engage in video conferencing at-home while keeping up with relevant business updates. VoIP phone systems also offer the option of voicemail and faxes, which supplement the process of communication.

Modern VoIP systems offer you the benefit of remote operations while maintaining all your work standards. Whether your employees are in the office or working from home, ensuring effective interactions is now possible. With phone systems for home or business from iPlum, you can now allow your staff to work remotely while maintaining productivity.

3. Automated Assistance

You'll not always able to respond to calls, emails, or texts coming in from clients. The unfortunate bit about the traditional phone systems is that you might miss important calls or messages. This is especially true when it comes to businesses that don't function on a 24/7 basis.

During the current pandemic, where employees are working in shifts, it would help to consider automated assistance. The VoIP option allows you to program frequently asked questions and services you offer. This means that your customers get to access an instant answer to some common concerns when it’s past the regular working hours.

If you're looking for phone systems for small offices that help ensure automation assistance at all times, you ought to consider VoIP phone systems. With this option, you no longer have to worry about missed calls or frustrated clients.

4. Low Costs

The main aim of any business is to maximize profits. However, most of the traditional phone systems cost an arm and a leg. This is often due to the additional outlays that come with running the system.  Are you hoping to get a second line on cell phones from an integrated system at moderate pricing?

With VoIP phone systems, you can now cut down on the actual costs of managing your phone system.

Using the internet to relay call data circumvents the costs related to landline call systems. Your business can enjoy reliable call options at relatively cheap rates.

5. Secure

Every business is currently looking for a secure option to ensure the safe transmission of information. However, traditional analog telephone systems cannot fully guarantee the safety of your phone system. You can trust the safety assurance provided when using VoIP services.

The modern integrated VoIP systems have standard encryption protocols that help make your calls and data communication secure. Such safety measures ensure that your work-related information only ends up in the right hands.

Working Remotely From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Modern businesses need to find phone system options that can ensure flexibility while maintaining efficiency. The VoIP phone system is the answer if you’re looking for phone systems for a small office with the right features to help you improve productivity.

While working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, it's difficult to receive work-related calls on your personal phone without compromising privacy. We can help. All you need to do is to engage our services for the most reliable VoIP phone systems for small businesses.

Are you looking for a reliable system that integrates broad phone system functionality?


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