Why contact iPlum online ?

Our senior professionals respond to customer queries:

  • Our support is fast & accurate.  We don't transfer support calls unlike a traditional carrier.  All the customer queries are answered by real professionals working on the product so that our users get timely help.
  • Our online support is spread-out company wide. Your questions are replied by employees who are also involved in product management or design and have in-depth product knowledge. We want to make sure the best brains are responding to you.
  • iPlum provides service in 23 languages with active users in 100+ countries. If we were to support with call center, we would need a large number of call centers worldwide in different languages and time zones. That is cost prohibitive and would require us to charge much higher for our service. Our goal at iPlum is to provide best in class technology at best prices.
  • Your written requests also acts as a tool for our future product development. The questions you ask help us in designing new features based on your needs. We deploy artificial intelligence to look through the feature requests which you often send us via questions and any issues you are encountering.

Having said all that if you have any significant technical issue which may need direct phone support please explain to us in the online contact form & one of our senior service manager will call you and help.

Thank you!
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