What is deprecated plan and how to fix it?

An old deprecated plan means that there has been a newer plan for this product for some time. Deprecated plans do not receive the updated features. These plans show as red color in your online iPlum portal. You can update to latest equivalent plan. Latest pricing plans are available online in pricing section.

When you upgrade a plan it will charge you only the difference of new & old deprecated plan for the term left on the plan. It will not start a new term.

How to update plan online at iPlum portal?

  1. Go to https://my.iplum.com/
  2. Login to iPlum account with your administrator credentials.
  3. Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the Line || Plans.
  4. Find “Number Plan”, "Manage" and follow the prompts.

How to update plan if the plan is setup using Apple app store or Google Play?

You can update your Apple app store plan at Apple app store or you can update the plan in iPlum portal & then cancel out the Apple app store or Google Play plan at their respective store.

Please follow above steps to update your plan in iPlum portal.

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