New Plans Update

1. Top benefits of new plans

2. How to update plan for existing users?

3. New plan details

Top benefits of new plans

For most users, there is no change in total pricing by migrating to newer plans which have additional features.

Updating to new plans will not put you in an additional contract. It will preserve your existing term date.

1. The separate add-on plans for security & backup for compliance, voicemail transcription and call recording have been eliminated and merged with number plans.  When you update plans, the system will automatically prorate to refund and adjust remaining term of add-on plan charges towards the newer plan.

2. All new plans include calling and texting to both US & Canada without requiring global credits for either country.

3. Voicemail transcription with larger storage capacity of 100 voicemails ($4.99 value) is included for free in major plans. 

4. Backup and archival has been increased from 6 months to 1 year.

How to update plans?

Important notes:

1. Your existing plan will be prorated and adjusted automatically at checkout when you upgrade to the new plan.  

2. If you have add-on plans like security & backup or voicemail transcription, their billing will stop because the new plans include them.

There is no change in carrier text registry requirements or charges levied by carriers by migrating to new iPlum plans.

Steps to take advantage of new plans:


Login to iPlum account with your administrator credentials.

Dashboard|| Users|| Click iPlum Login ID of the Line || Plans.  

Click “Number Plan” and “Manage”. Select new plan and complete the transaction.

If you do not see the new plans, please refresh your browser.

Special case: If you currently have an annual plan but you want to go to the monthly plan after that, you will first upgrade from the current deprecated annual plan to the new annual plan type . It will simply prorate,still preserving your existing term. Then go back to the Plans page online and pick the new monthly plan which will be notated on your account, and it will be effective after your current annual term ends.

Please note that you are getting 25%+ discount due to annual plan which you lose when you change to monthly plan.

New plan details

Click to check new pricing plans details.

There are both monthly and annual options.

1. Standard plan ($8.99/mo paid annually) includes mobile app calling, texting, voicemail, business hours, phone tree and extensions.

2. Professional plan ($14.99/mo paid annually) includes all Standard plan features + web texting, encryption, archive, business contacts, voicemail transcription, and healthcare HIPAA compliance.

3. Premium plan ($19.99/mo paid annually) includes all Professional plan features + call recording compliance in legal, financial, sales and support sectors.

Note: There are similar new consolidated fax plans available.


1. Before: $8.99/mo paid annually.

After: Standard plan: $8.99/mo paid annually.

New benefits: Calling & texting included for both US & Canada.

2. Before: HIPAA compliance $14.98: ($8.99 + $5.99) per month paid annually.

After: Professional plan: $14.99 per month paid annually.

New Benefits: Calling & texting included for both US & Canada, Voicemail transcription, HIPAA compliance.

3. Before: Call Recording compliance $19.97: ($8.99 + $5.99 + $4.99) per month paid annually.

After: Premium plan: $19.99 per month paid annually.

New Benefits: Calling & texting included for both US & Canada, Voicemail transcription, HIPAA compliance, Call recording compliance.

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