I am not able to make calls. The spinner in my app keep circling?

Spinner at top right corner in the iPlum app shows that internet connection is not available.

1. This may happen sometimes where the connectivity transition has not occurred on the device. Simply kill and restart the iPlum. You may find that you are already logged in to the app and can continue. Otherwise, login as required.
Note: To kill the app without deleting it on an iPhone or iPad, simply double click the home button, locate the running app and swipe it upwards. For ending the app on an Android device, press on the home key until the screens for the running apps are shown. Then swipe the app screen to the right to end the app.

2. The other reason for connectivity issue could be block set by your company, local carrier or ISP. We have heard of blocked sites from our users in many countries including Azerbaijan, China, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and others. Fortunately there are various VPN apps available in Apple App Store & Google Play which can help you get connected through the block. If you need any specific help send us an email.

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