How to port or transfer a Google Voice, Google Fi or G Suite number into iPlum?

Step by Step Process to Port a Google Voice, Google Fi or G Suite Number to iPlum

  1. Unlock your number at Google:
    Google Voice Number
    Google G Suite Number
    Google Fi Number

  2. Click Sign in at top right corner of iPlum website.

  3. New Account Setup.  Click "Port Existing Number".
    Enter the Google Voice phone number which you want to transfer to iPlum. The porting number should be an active working number which you currently own.
    If you get "Congratulations" screen, it means that the number can be port|

  4. Open an iPlum Account. Make sure you setup an iPlum account with a physical mobile number. It will not change anything on that number. Due to security reasons, the system won't allow to open an iPlum account with a Google Voice virtual number but once the account is setup with physical mobile number, you can port your virtual number in that account.

  5. Fill the Porting Form

    Select your iPlum user where to port your external number:
    Click the text box to select iPlum Login ID of the user where to want to port your Google Voice phone number.

    Enter the Information Related To Your Google Voice Number Account.

    Name of Your Current Carrier/Vendor:
    Enter the name of existing carrier/vendor of the porting phone number: Google Voice.

    Current Carrier Account Type:
    Select Single Line.

    Porting Number Type:
    Select Business Local or Residential.

    Full Name (With Current Carrier):
    Your name.

    Authorized Owners's Name with Current Carrier:
    Your name

    Billing Account Number with Current Carrier:
    Google Voice porting phone number.

    Primary Phone Number on your Current Carrier Account (BTN):
    For Single-Line account it is same as the number you are porting. For Multi-Line account, enter the primary phone number on the account even if you are not porting that number.

    Security Code or PIN with Current Carrier:
    Enter the security code or pin which Google Voice gives you after you have unlocked your Google Voice number.  If Google didn't give you any code enter "0000".  

    Your Service Address with Current Carrier:
    Your any address.  Google doesn't keep any address for numbers. Do not enter PO Box addresses as service address can't be PO Box.

  6. Back-End process: Once you enter the port order, the system will do some verification and submit the order to Google.  If there is any information mismatch responded by Google, you will receive an email alert from iPlum. It takes approximately 1 -3 business days to transfer a regular Google Voice phone number into iPlum.  If your number is with Google Fi or Google G Suite it may take 2-5 business days as Google does additional processing.  Meantime you can continue to use your service with Google. There is no downtime.

  7. Port Completion: You will receive an email notification when the transfer is complete and your ported number will start ringing in your iPlum app. Your ported number will replace the temporary iPlum number.

  8. Download iPlum app from Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet, login and start using it.

  9. Port-out: For any reason in future if you decide to port-out your number to a different carrier, you can easily do that by following the port-out process in the iPlum portal.
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