How to get iPlum app update from App Store instead of iCloud backup?

Due to inherent security features in the iPlum app, it is best to switch off the iCloud backup of iPlum app.  Always download a fresh copy of the app from the app store when you change your device or do a factory reset on an existing device.

Please follow these simple steps to switch of iCloud backup of iPlum app and get the latest from the app store:

  1. iPhone   >>   Settings   >>   (Apple ID, iCloud,iTunes)   >>   iCloud   >>   iCloud Drive.  Toggle to disable for iPlum app.
  2. Delete iPlum app from the device (Warning: It will delete the text messages from the app but you can still see the call and text logs in the settings when you reinstall the iPlum app).
  3. Reboot the device.
  4. Install fresh iPlum app from the App store.  It will show as if coming from iCloud but it is new install because you had disabled iCloud backup for it.
  5. Login using your existing iPlum credentials.  It will restore your iPlum usage credits and number plan.
  6. During installation when prompted for notifications, contacts, sounds to iPlum app, select “Enable”.
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