How to bulk upload contacts?

Contact Upload Instructions:

You can upload multiple business contacts which will be synched to your iPlum app.

  1. Login iPlum portal . In the left menu, click Contacts & Groups.  Click bulk upload contacts button. Download the template CSV file.
  2. Please do not change the header row. Add each contact in a separate row below the header row.
  3. First Name, Phone#, Phone Label are mandatory.  Other columns are optional.
    Note: If you open the csv template file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you will first convert the formatting of phone number column to Text and then enter the phone number with country code starting with + sign. e.g. US or Canada numbers will start with +1.
  4. Once you upload the file, you will get an email with the success or failure for each contact.  If there are any errors, only those contacts will not be created.

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