How press any key works for incoming calls?

Incoming calls:  Press key to accept call

When you  receive an incoming call, accept the call and then "press any key" to  connect with the caller. This feature is designed to ensure that any  unanswered iPlum calls will go only to your iPlum voicemail and never to  personal voicemail irrespective of whether you have set up Do-not-disturb on  your personal line or decline an incoming call.

Note: If you find any voicemails on your personal phone, it is simply the announcement recording which says, "Press any key to connect call". You can ignore those voicemails as those are system generated voicemails because the physical phone forwards the unanswered call announcement to your personal voicemail.

I am having issues, want to disable the feature: Press any key to accept calls?

iPlum App || Settings || Call Mode: Voice Network or Internet Data || Incoming Calls|| Use my Voice Network Mode || Toggle off switch for "Press any key to accept call ".  Save it.


Go to your iPlum web portal: Login
Dashboard || Users|| Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Settings || Call Mode: Incoming Calls(Edit) || Select Voice Network Mode.

Un-Check "Press any key to accept call (Recommended)". Save it.


I have disabled feature "Press any key to accept calls" and now some calls are going to my personal voicemail. How do I stop that?

1. If you have setup Voice network mode for incoming calls and you want to decline the call, do not click the red decline button. Let it ring and it will go to your iPlum voicemail. If you want to stop ringing,gently push the side power button on your device. The ringing will stop immediately and after few seconds, iPlum will route the unanswered call to youriPlum voicemail.

Note:If you tap decline button on the ringing screen, your device will force the call to its native voicemail which is inherent hardware limitation.


2. Do-Not-Disturb or Airplane mode call handling: If you have setup Do-Not-Disturb or Airplane mode on your physical device, remember to set Do-Not-Disturb in your iPlum settings as well. This will alert iPlum system to route your calls directly to iPlum voicemail before sending it to your phone so that your phone carrier doesn’t force the call to your native voicemail. You can setup Do not Disturb in iPlum app: iPlum App Settings || Do Not Disturb || Set Options.

I want to change to internet mode?

iPlum App || Settings || Call Mode: Voice Network or Internet Data || Incoming Calls || Use My Internet.


Online web portal: Login
Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Settings || Call Mode: Incoming Calls (Edit) || Use My Internet (Wi-Fi or carrier data). Save it

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