How to setup voice announcement before ringing or out of office greeting?

Important: "Voice announcement before ringing or out of office greeting " is different than Voicemail greeting or Phone tree greeting.

This recording will play to the caller before the call starts ringing to the recipient.

Sample call flow: Incoming call   ||   Voice announcement before ringing, out of office greeting plays ||   Ringing starts ||   Recipient accepts or declines the call  ||   If recipient declines, call goes to voicemail greeting

Use Cases

  • Alert caller before the ringing starts.  
    Examples: "Please wait while the system finds me..." OR "Please wait while we connect your call to an agent..."
  • Out-of-Office. Examples:  
    "Vacation Alert.  I am out of office and will be available starting..."

Where to setup voice announcement before ringing?

Login iPlum portal

Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User  || Settings || Voice Announcement Before Ringing, Out of Office(Edit)

How to record voice announcement before ringing?

A. Text to Speech Audio (Free)

Your iPlum number comes with text to life-like speech service to create your announcement free of charge.


B. Record in your own voice (Free)

Dashboard || Users || Click iPlum Login ID of the User || Settings || Voice Announcement Before Ringing (Edit) || Add New Announcement || Record Your Audio


C. Send us your Custom Sound File to be uploaded ($20)

  1. Record MP3 file format with high volume.
    It is a good practice to keep it 30 seconds or less.
    Note: There are many online companies like Fiverr (no association with iPlum) which has sellers who will record a professional announcement file for as low as $5.

Note: File size should not exceed 1 MB.

  1. Send your audio file  to "".
    In the email subject enter "Voice Announcement Before Ringing for iPlum # XXXXX". In the body of email paste the transaction-ID or receipt # or attach your PayPal payment receipt. Don't forget to attach your audio file. You will get a confirmation email after our team has uploaded your call Connecting announcement in your account.
  2. Payment: There is a $20 charge to digitally sign and upload custom audio file in your iPlum account.
    Note: If you have multiple audio files to be uploaded, you can refresh the page and make multiple $20 payments.

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