How can I message to short codes using iPlum?

A short code, or short number, is a 5 or 6 digit number that can send and receive SMS. Short codes are used for alerts, promotions and some validations.

iPlum allows texting to short codes. When you want to initiate a message to short code remember to add "+" sign before the short code number in the To section.

Note: The app automatically shows "+CountryCode" in the "To" section when you want to send new message.  You will delete the country code but keep the "+" sign and then enter your short-code.

e.g. If you are a US user and want to send message to short-code 827438, you will find that the app will show "+1" in the "To" section.  You will backspace & delete "1" and then type your short-code 827438.

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