Mobile Communication Compliance

Who needs mobile communication compliance?  

Professionals in Finance, Legal, CMS Insurance, Real-estate, Mortgage, Brokers, Sales and Service sector need compliance for mobile communications.

What is included in mobile communication compliance add-on?  

Call Recording & Archiving on active accounts.

Texting Archiving on active accounts.

Business Contacts Backup.

How to get compliance for your iPlum line?

  1. Setup a new account or login to your existing iPlum online account
  2. Get Premium plan which includes call recording and text archiving.

Can I play special call recording announcement with every call?

Yes, you can add special voice announcement to play automatically in the beginning of every call for your compliance requirements.

Does the system automatically record both incoming and outgoing calls without any special techniques?

Yes, the system will automatically record all calls without any manual intervention for each call.

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