How to stop spammers by creating free phone tree?

iPlum offers free phone tree feature which can be used to stop spammers.
Spammers usually deploy automated dialing to call multiple numbers. Phone tree stops automated dialing at the greetings itself since there is no real person to accept the call and the spam call gets stuck in it and expires.

Note: You can also block specific numbers for both calling & texting using iPlum spam blocking feature .

1. Initialize Phone Tree

Login to iPlum portal

Click “Dashboard || Phone Tree & Extensions” and click “Setup Phone Tree” (Only required first time).

2. Setup Profile
The system generates one default profile. Most businesses are fine with the default profile.
Profiles allow you to create multiple set of extensions for different hours or days of the week.

Profiles are NOT your business hours. Business hours are configured in “Do Not Disturb” module in Settings.

3. Phone Tree Greeting

Sample greeting text:
Welcome and thank you for calling Mary’s consulting company where we design beautiful houses. Please press 1 to reach Mary, To hear these options again, please press 9.

4. Extensions

Maximum length of extension digits: If you want single digit extensions like 1,2,3 ..9, you will set this value to 1. If you want extensions like 11, 12, 13…, you will set this value to 2. If you want a mix of extensions like 1,2,3, 10, 11, 91…, you will set this value to maximum digits which will be 2. You can set upto 4 digit extensions.

Add Extensions

  • Click “Add Extension”. Enter: 1; select type as “Ring Single iPlum Number” and select your iPlum # or “Do not Ring. Send to Primary Voicemail” (If you want the call to go directly to voicemail).
  • Click “Add Extension”. Enter: 9; select type as “Repeat Greeting”.

5. Advanced Phone Tree Settings

It is advisable to keep other timers and counts with their default values.

6. Enable or Disable Phone Tree

Click “Save Configuration” button at the bottom of page and Toggle Enable switch green to enable Phone Tree.

Note: If you want to disable or by-pass Phone Tree, toggle the Enable switch to red.

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