CMS Compliance Requirements for Insurance Brokers

What is included in CMS compliance requirements for insurance brokers?


  • Call recording & archiving on active accounts.
  • Texting archiving on active accounts .
  • Automated custom disclaimer announcement before call starts.
  • Business contacts backup.
  • Unlimited secure text channels.
  • BAA with HIPAA compliance.

Can I play special announcement with every call?

Yes, you can add special voice announcement to play automatically in the beginning of every call for your compliance requirements.

Can I port an existing number with another carrier to iPlum?

Yes, you can port an existing number to iPlum. Once port is completed, it will stop billing at existing provider and start working at iPlum.

Step by Step implementation of iPlum service:

You can implement compliance on an existing number or get a new iPlum number. It is same cost for both options.


Existing number transfer:  If you have an existing business number with a carrier which you want to use for CMS compliance, you will transfer that number to iPlum.

Note: iPlum provides full bidirectional portability.  If for any reason in future, you need to transfer out your number from iPlum to another carrier of your choice you can easily do that at iPlum portal by unlocking it.

Example: Let’s say you have AT&T mobile service and want to use CMS compliance on that number.  You will port your existing AT&T number to iPlum & get a new number for that phone from AT&T after the iPlum port is complete which is 2-4 days.  Your base service will stay with AT&T.  During porting, the number will continue at AT&T.

Note: Opening an iPlum account needs a mobile number for verification purpose which can’t be same as your porting number.  If you have only one mobile number which you are porting into iPlum, you can request us to open an account for you with an email address so that you can port your mobile number.

Follow these steps to transfer your existing number to iPlum.


New number from iPlum:  Go to and Click “Get new number”.  Follow the prompts to get a new number. Install iPlum app on your mobile phone & simply login as “Existing User” to start using your iPlum number.

  1. Setup a new account or login to your existing iPlum online account
  2. Get Premium plan which includes call recording and text archiving feature.

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