Your Guide to Adding a Second Line on iPhone Devices

You can beat the drudgery of carrying two phones, yet still maintain a professional business appearance, by adding a second line to your iPhone.

When you’re running a small business, sometimes, you do what you must to make things work – even if it means walking around with two cell phones. However, there’s no need for you to continue suffering this inconvenience.

You can set up a high-quality, cost-effective virtual phone number in just few minutes.

For a guide to adding a second line on iPhone devices, continue reading.

Table of Contents

1. Why It Pays to Go Pro for Phone Communication

2. HIPAA Compliance and Virtual Numbers

3. Adding a Second Line on iPhone Devices

4. Choosing a Virtual Phone Service

5. Convenient, Professional and Compliant Virtual Phone Service

Why It Pays to Go Pro for Phone Communication

You can access a lot of terrific features with a virtual second phone number. For example, have you ever called a business and navigated through an automated message to find important information?

A virtual phone number lets you set up the same kind of professional voice menu for your business. Best of all, a virtual second line app for business costs a fraction of regular mobile subscriber service.

If you currently use two phones, you’re paying for two mobile subscriptions. As a business owner, saving money is a part of your job.

In a sense, saving money with a virtual number is almost as good as generating revenue. A virtual number allows you to set up a professional business line for a fraction of your current mobile line subscription costs.

The savings multiply if you have employees. For instance, you may pay for mobile service for several staff members.

Instead, you could subscribe to a virtual business line that works on their existing handset. Nevertheless, you’d enjoy the same functionality as a business phone system – minus the expensive bill.

With a virtual phone number app, you and your staff members can send and receive business calls from a dedicated line easily. You can even transfer important phone calls to other virtual extensions.

Making a Great First Impression

A virtual second line is a great way to build a professional image for your business. It shows your business information on outgoing calls.

Now, clients will know it’s your business calling with important information. Also, your company name on outgoing caller ID is one more opportunity to expose customers to your brand and create loyalty. If you’re doing business with an important client for the first time, your company name on the caller ID – rather than your name – will do a much better job of creating a great first impression.

HIPAA Compliance and Virtual Numbers

If you work in the medical field, there’s an even more important reason to choose a virtual second number. With the service, you can maintain HIPAA compliant business communication.

You may have considered signing up for a free Google number for a second business line. Free Google voice service isn’t a bad idea – if it works.

Often, Google’s free service will announce that it will “search for the Google subscriber.” Unfortunately, this sends a bad message to customers and clients. That message is that you can disappear at will.

More importantly, however, Google’s free voicemail service isn’t HIPAA compliant. Also, it’s considerably stripped down in features. Ultimately, it doesn’t provide much more benefit than you’d receive with standard phone service.

Finally, a growing number of business owners recognize text messaging as an effective way of communicating with clients and customers. A professional virtual number enables you to text your patients or clients while remaining in HIPAA compliance.

Adding a Second Line on iPhone Devices

It’s relatively easy to add a second line to your iPhone. Begin by navigating to the Apple App Store. There, you can find a virtual service provider, such as iPlum, that will enable you to install a separate line on your smartphone.

For a nominal subscription fee, you can set up your account with a toll-free number and voicemail service. You can also send and receive business texts. Furthermore, you can set up an interactive voice response auto-attendant menu with unlimited extensions so that you never miss another important client phone call.

Once you’ve installed the service, you can make and receive calls in the United States and Canada. You don’t even need an existing account. You can set up your account right in the app.

Keep Your Existing Number With Your New Virtual Account

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve worked hard to build your reputation. Fortunately, there’s no need to give up your existing business number when setting up a virtual second line calling app. A virtual number service enables you connect or move your current number to your new account easily.

You can accomplish this task in one of two ways – call forwarding or number porting. Once you have your account and set up your subscription, you can forward your number to your virtual second line. Alternatively, you can request that the service provider port your existing number to your virtual account.

Choosing a Virtual Phone Service

Today, it’s more important than ever to find cost-effective ways to connect remote workers quickly. A virtual second line is an effective solution for professional call forwarding and call transfers among staff members. A second virtual number can also give you access to great features, such as:

  • Auto text responses
  • Business texting
  • Domestic calls
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Auto-Attendant , IVR with virtual extensions
  • International calls
  • Missed call notification

These are just a few of the great benefits that you can access using a virtual second line.

Convenient, Professional and Compliant Virtual Phone Service

Now you know the awesome benefits of adding a second line on iPhone devices!

iPlum is the leading second business line service in the United States. Our service is an easy and cost-effective way to access HIPAA compliant communication for your business.

Visit the Apple App Store today and download the iPlum app to see how easy and affordable it is to set up a virtual second line for your business.


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Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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