Why Your Business Needs a Hosted Phone System to Save Money?

If you're interested in reducing business expenses, look no further.

Telecommunications is something that many businesses struggle with because it can cost a lot and takes a lot of time to set up. Fortunately, you can go with a hosted phone system that will save you both time and money.

A hosted phone system is essentially a network that you use to connect your company's phones. However, you can access the system from anywhere, so employees that are away from the main office can continue using their phone for work.

Keep on reading to learn more about hosted phone systems and why your business needs one!

1. Pay as You Go

2. Little to No Maintenance

3. Lower Costs

4. Mobility

5. Many Features

6. Reliability

Pay as You Go

One of the main benefits of using a hosted phone system is the fact that you can pay as you go. A hosted phone system is essentially a paid subscription, so you'll make monthly payments for as long as you'd like. There aren't any hidden fees or contracts that force you to pay for a set period.

This prevents you from having to pay for things in the future such as hardware upgrades or maintenance fees. If you don't like the service, you can simply stop making the payments and cancel your subscription. This is especially beneficial if your business needs to allocate money elsewhere.

If you check out our prices, you'll see that we offer both a monthly and annual plan. This is to give our clients enhanced freedom when using our hosted systems. No matter which one you choose, you'll get all of the features.

Little to No Maintenance

Unlike other phone systems, a hosted phone system doesn't require much maintenance. You most likely will never have to repair anything besides the devices you're using on the system.

With traditional systems, you'd have to have someone come out and make repairs. This can end up costing hundreds of dollars, and you may have to do it often depending on the service you're working with.

Because hosted phone systems are outsourced, whoever is hosting the system will be responsible for maintaining it. This ensures you're getting high-quality service and prevents you from paying maintenance fees. You also won't have to invest in IT staffing to monitor your phone system.

Lower Costs

Most traditional phone systems will charge you for every call you make and the cost will vary depending on the length. However, a hosted phone system provider is transparent about the costs. You can pay a flat fee and get unlimited local and long-distance calls, something many traditional phone system providers don't offer.


Most businesses start looking into hosted phone systems because they want to be more mobile. Among the many benefits of using a hosted phone system is the ability to use it while on the go. You can access the system from anywhere, letting you and your employees work remotely without running into problems.

Adding a business line to a cell phone lets you make and receive calls from the business number while using a cell phone. On the same phone, employees can still use their personal number whenever they like. This prevents you from having to get another device for work use.

Many Features

Hosted phone systems use the cloud, so they offer many features that make working convenient. With iPlum, you'll get instant access to several tools that your business can use for collaboration and productivity.

Here are some of the features you'll get:

  • HD Calling
  • Messaging
  • Auto attendant
  • IVR solutions
  • Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Porting

HD calling and messaging lets you communicate effectively with employees and clients. The auto attendant can be used whenever a client makes a call and will act as a menu for them to navigate. Along with these, you'll get a business voicemail to make responding to people easier.


When it comes to hosted phone systems, you're investing in a service that you can count on. Instead of using a variety of cables for voice calls, a hosted phone system uses an internet connection. Most businesses are opting out of traditional systems because cables can take too long to install and they're hard to maintain.

While you must have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth , this doesn't take as much work. iPlum can work with your mobile voice network in its special mode to give carrier class service at all times.

The cloud communications tools let you monitor your phone system and make changes when needed. With IVR phones, you can work effectively no matter where you are without bringing multiple devices. Getting iPlum will also give you access to customer support whenever you need assistance with your phone system.

Start Using a Hosted Phone System Today

If you run a business, you can drastically reduce costs by investing in a hosted phone system. Rather than relying on a traditional phone system, you can pay a monthly payment and get a plethora of features that will benefit your company.

While hosted phone systems benefit businesses that have remote workers the most, any business can make use of one. It's best to look at how your company operates and determine whether you could use the benefits. If you have employees that work outside of your main building, you should get a hosted phone system.


Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

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