The Best Line2 Alternatives in 2022

If you're managing business calls from a personal phone number, you know how annoying it can be.

This is why many business owners turn to virtual business phone number apps like iPlum or other Line2 alternatives.

With a virtual phone number, you have a dedicated business line that you can tack on to an existing landline or traditional phone number.

They're more affordable than other types of phone systems, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, which makes them ideal for businesses on a budget.

How do you choose the best virtual phone number for your organization with so many options on the market?

First, you must know the benefits and how they work. Keep reading as we discuss the pros and cons of Line2 and how to choose the right virtual business phone service for you.

1. What Is Line2 and How Does It Work?

2. The Pros of Line2

3. The Drawbacks of Line2

4. Line2 Alternatives for Startups

5. Line2 Alternatives for Small Businesses

6. Examples of Line2 Alternatives

7. Best Line2 Alternative: iPlum

8. Secure Your Second Phone Line with iPlum

What Is Line2 and How Does It Work?

Line2 is an active VoIP provider in the North American market targeting the United States and Canada. The company's virtual phone services are best for entrepreneurs and freelancers exploring how VoIP and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) can benefit their businesses.

Line2 was founded in 2008 and combines multiple phone numbers into a single phone line through a cloud-based PBX system to allow users to text and make calls through a simple app.

Over the years the company had many ownership changes.  The result is suffering innovation which gets reflected in rare new features and falling support levels.

The Pros of Line2

Line2 users access their line using a cloud-based VoIP system, which allows real-time interaction. Line2 is available in multiple platforms.

Line2 allows users to add phone extensions and set of features. Users can dial between extensions, which are billed at the same rate as the main Line2 account.

While long-distance calling is included with the service, international calling is supported, but rates may be high depending on where you call.

You can access your Line2 number from several networks, including cellular data, cellular voice, or WiFi.

The Drawbacks of Line2

Line2 gives the convenience of a second phone line with basic VoIP features, but the features are lacking compared to other modern alternatives.

Line2 App

Users have complained about Line2 call dropping if they receive another call on their phone.  It can be particularly annoying if you are in middle of a call with your customer.

Line2 dialer

Line2's dialer is somewhat wonky compared to other virtual phone system apps that allow you to complete more administrative tasks.

Line2 Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is low, with Line2's Better Business Bureau profile showing an average review of one out of five stars. Most complaints are regarding the company's customer service and the inability to port numbers out when canceling the service.

While the company offers an Elite plan, it's best suited for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers who don't manage a large call flow.

You'll also need to be aware of hefty international calling rates. While it only costs one cent a minute to dial a German landline, it runs 38 cents a minute to call a German mobile phone.

Lacking Features

At the end of the day, Line2 doesn't offer the capability to customize its service and features. Of course, you can enable after-hours call handling and use custom greetings, but the service lacks vital features, including:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Business contact book
  • Different call distribution methods
  • Call recording
  • Healthcare or legal compliances
  • Voicemail-to-text

Line2 Alternatives for Startups

More and more people are starting their own businesses and working for small startups that allow freedom beyond the traditional nine to five. If you're not confined to an office chair all day, you're an ideal candidate for a virtual phone system.

With the right virtual phone service, you can forward business calls from your desk to your cell phone and work from your office, your car, or while you're out and about elsewhere.

Entrepreneurs who don't use this type of service resign themselves to offering their personal phone number to clients for business purposes. Worse, some will opt to carry two cell phones. With a virtual phone system, you can easily separate business from pleasure and use one device to manage all of your calls.

Line2 Alternatives for Small Businesses

If you run a small business where everyone works in the office, a traditional phone system is likely sufficient. However, when employees work from home or various locations, a virtual phone system becomes invaluable to your business.

With the right Line2 alternative, you can offer each employee an extension that forwards to their mobile phone line. Your business can be united under one phone number, but each employee can answer calls on their phones. This method saves money, making phone line management effortless for customers and employees alike.

Examples of Line2 Alternatives

A virtual phone system will connect your customers to a central business phone number that then forwards the call to employees on their home or mobile phones.

These systems offer various features, such as voicemail, call forwarding, automated receptionists, call screening, online faxing, and toll-free numbers.

With cloud-based virtual phone services, you can allow your offsite employees to present a professional appearance continually. Your employees will feel empowered by various phone service features that traditional home and mobile phone lines don't offer.

Best Line2 Alternative: iPlum

Now that you're aware of the limitations of Line2, it's time to evaluate your alternatives. iPlum is a 2nd line phone service that offers unique features to increase your team's productivity while saving money on phone services, ensuring your business's success.

iPlum is a virtual phone service that enables powerful communication features on your smartphone at an unbelievably affordable cost. Better yet, there's no long-term contract to lock you into the service.

iPlum provides a local or toll-free US or Canada phone number that allows you to receive and place calls, as well as send text messages—all for a fraction of what you'll pay for traditional phone service. You can even use iPlum to use international roaming and calling credits.

You can choose your phone number if you want and customize your caller ID at the same time. If you use your iPad for work, you can turn this device into your mobile device to conduct business calls.

How It Works

A virtual phone service may seem confusing at first, but they're typically easy to explain and use. Each of your employees is given a different phone number to use on their device. When making and receiving calls from their virtual numbers, their personal number would never show up.

iPlum establishes a separate 2nd line on your mobile phone with its own calling, texting, voicemail, distinct ringtone and visual screen.

With iPlum, you can call or text US, Canada and more than 200 different countries—all for an affordable cost, no matter where you're calling from. Making calls when roaming begins at one cent per minute.

If you and your employees often travel for business, you can provide your clients with their iPlum phone number so that they don't have to dial internationally to reach you. This feature ensures that you're always in touch with your customers, and calls are convenient and affordable.

The most notable iPlum features include:

  • User-friendly app
  • Dual calling reliability
  • Auto text reply
  • Business hours
  • Team account
  • Auto-attendant (IVR)
  • Team account
  • Secure texting
  • HIPAA & HITECH compliance
  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • Call recording
  • Online fax

Personalized Responses

In a traditional setting, businesses have a receptionist with a professional impression. Their job is to field calls for your company. With iPlum, you can add free auto-attendant (IVR) option where your customers are greeted with your organization's custom greeting.

HIPAA Compliance

If you work in healthcare, you know the importance of HIPAA compliance. iPlum offers secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging, calling, and voicemail.

You can rest assured that data is protected without spending hours analyzing privacy settings. iPlum vows never to share you or your customer's personal information or use it in advertisements.

Regardless of your business's industry, your employees and customers will appreciate the data protection iPlum offers.

800 Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

When you want to remain reachable to customers and not require yoru customers to pay for calls and texts, you can use an iPlum 800 toll-free number. iPlum offers a large selection of vanity numbers linked to a national registry.

Port Your Existing Number

You can save up to 90% on your phone bill by transferring your business or personal number from any phone carrier to iPlum.

The number you port to iPlum can be a residential or business line. Check out our step-by-step porting process here.

Auto Texts

Imagine the ability to send a text message to new clients after they sign up for your service or purchase your product. This is a great way to welcome customers and encourage engagement from loyal followers. You can empower your customers by effortlessly keeping them in the know.

Call Recording

If your employees are frequently on the phone with clients, you would likely benefit from call recording. iPlum offers this feature, complete with the ability to ask your customers for legal consent before recording a call so that you're compliant with any regulations.

Customer Service

Your phone line is your primary way of keeping in touch with clients and team members, so you want it to be supported by efficient customer support.

iPlum remains available during the setup and beyond so that you have support on your side should issues arise.

Secure Your Second Phone Line with iPlum

If you're looking for a viable virtual phone line, look for Line2 alternatives such as iPlum.

iPlum has a unique array of functionality and features. It provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with a single telecommunications management platform.

If you want to experience the features of iPlum but wish to keep your current number, port your current number into iPlum today.

Are you a new user with questions about our features or services? Our services are available worldwide. Contact us today to learn more.

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