Taking Bill Shock out of Global Roaming

As life gets increasingly global and mobile, staying in touch with business associates, friends and family worldwide can get expensive, especially while travelling abroad.  You may return from your globe- trotting to shockingly high phone bills for international roaming calls. iPlum app lets you save money on international and roaming calls, shaving as much as 90% off wireless plan roaming rates.

We bring you three awesome new capabilities in the new app release now available in the app stores.

  1. iPlum user account has always been free for texting and calling with other iPlum users. Now it is enhanced with the capability to reach any phone number worldwide, using credits that can be easily purchased on App Store or Google Play. Previously, this capability required the purchase of a phone number subscription as well.
  2. You can now call toll-free U.S. phone numbers free of charge, without consuming any carrier airtime minutes or credits.
  3. Credits can now be used to call mobile phones and landlines in 200+ countries, at low rates. You can make and receive calls over Wi-Fi or data plan using the app, no matter where you are located.


Whether you are making in-country local calls or calling a phone number in a different country, the app allows you to make the calls without incurring roaming charges. Simply refer to the global calling rates list to find out what it costs to call a country. For example, calling and texting with non-iPlum users in US & Canada cost only 1 cent per minute, from anywhere in the world.

If you desire one number reach while you are travelling abroad, iPlum phone number subscription is a great solution.  You get a dedicated real U.S. phone number that you can take anywhere. People can reach you on this phone number from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are roaming at the time. You can call local phone numbers in a foreign country or call back home.

iPlum makes it simple to connect worldwide and keep in touch while travelling abroad. You can save time and money, while making and receiving calls like you never left home.

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