SMS HIPAA Compliance: Ensuring Secure Communication

Table of Contents

  • Understand HIPAA Compliance
  • Identify Security Risks
  • Choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform
  • Train Staff on HIPAA Compliance


Navigating the complex world of HIPAA compliance can feel like a daunting task. With countless regulations and the need to protect patient data, healthcare professionals are often left searching for solutions that simplify the process. Enter iPlum, a communication tool designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

With features like secure texts, crystal-clear calls, and voicemail, iPlum ensures that patient information stays confidential and complies with HIPAA standards. Plus, setting up iPlum is a breeze, with an easy-to-use app and website that give you complete control over your communications. Say goodbye to juggling personal and professional calls and embrace a culture of security with iPlum as your trusty sidekick.

Understand HIPAA Compliance

Tackling HIPAA compliance can feel like navigating a maze with countless twists and turns. It's all about keeping patient data under lock and key, with no room for slip-ups. But here's the good news: tools like iPlum are designed to simplify this complex journey.

With iPlum, healthcare professionals get a dedicated second phone number that's all about security and compliance. Think crystal-clear calls, secure texts, and voicemail—all wrapped up with HIPAA's seal of approval. No need to juggle personal and professional calls; iPlum keeps them separate, safeguarding your privacy and ensuring patients' information stays confidential.

And the best part? Setting up is a breeze with iPlum. Their app and website are your command centers, giving you control over call histories, message management, and even integrating with EHR and EMS systems via the iPlum API.

This isn't just about ticking off compliance checklists; it's about embracing a culture of security where patient empowerment is front and center. With password protection, end-to-end encryption, message expiration, and two-factor authentication, iPlum is not just meeting the standards—it's setting them. So, for healthcare organizations aiming to become HIPAA heroes, iPlum is the trusty sidekick that makes the compliance journey less daunting and a lot more efficient.

HIPAA Compliance Journey with iPlum

Identify Security Risks

With the healthcare industry grappling with 725 large security breaches in just one year, the urgency for robust communication security is undeniable. It's not enough to simply lock down systems; we need a cultural shift where vigilance becomes second nature.

Imagine equipping our healthcare warriors with the tools to easily identify and thwart potential risks. Enter, a secure text and voice messaging solution that integrates seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

This cloud-based service offers a second line for private conversations, ensuring personal numbers stay personal. More than a communication tool, iplum is a fortress of security, with HIPAA-compliant protocols firmly in place, safeguarding every text, call, and voicemail.

The beauty of iplum lies in its simplicity and accessibility, allowing swift, secure communication on the go, which is crucial in our fast-paced healthcare environments. With iplum, you can extend your cybersecurity measures beyond the confines of your institution, all while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare records. This is not about reinventing the wheel; it's about adopting a solution that understands the stakes and delivers peace of mind. By embracing iplum, healthcare professionals can make security a habit, fortifying our defense against daily threats to patient data.

Choose a HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform

Selecting the right healthcare IT platform is crucial for managing patient data securely and efficiently. Take the example of iATROS, which required a backend solution that adhered to GDPR and DiGAV standards.

They needed a secure, private infrastructure within the EU to safeguard sensitive data. This scenario underscores the necessity for healthcare IT platforms to provide end-to-end encryption and secure messaging to uphold data protection.

Access control is vital to ensure only authorized personnel can view electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), utilizing advanced technologies like biometric or AI-based systems to enhance security. These technologies form part of the essential technical safeguards, such as unique user IDs, automatic log-offs, and stringent audit controls to monitor ePHI access points.

Despite strict HIPAA regulations, the healthcare sector still faces data breaches, often due to unsecured networks and lack of staff training on data security best practices. In response, platforms like Artera Harmony emphasize secure communication to improve patient care and engagement.

Artera Harmony, with its substantial API call volume, exemplifies the evolution of platforms to meet scalability, security, and transaction efficiency. Similarly, iPlum is making strides in secure communication by offering a second phone number with HIPAA-compliant texting, calling, and voicemail services. It provides healthcare professionals with a separate business line, ensuring personal phone numbers remain private. The iPlum platform includes features like out-of-office greetings, password protection, end-to-end encryption, message expiration, and two-factor authentication to enhance data safety. It also offers seamless integration with EHR and EMS systems via the iPlum API, contributing to an efficient healthcare communication environment that can lead to improved patient care and reduced operational costs.

The Evolution of Healthcare IT Platforms

Train Staff on HIPAA Compliance

Harnessing the power of technology and communication, the UBMD Physicians' Group in Buffalo, New York, has pioneered a new approach to HIPAA compliance and secure messaging training. They've taken the initiative online, through a web portal, ensuring that their substantial workforce of 1,800 individuals, including 631 physicians, is not only informed but also actively engaged.

Their innovative methods include quarterly newsletters featuring quizzes and regular email updates to keep the staff sharp on compliance changes. This comprehensive approach envelops the entire team, from front desk to finance, and emphasizes the critical nature of patient trust.

When patients feel confident their information is handled with utmost care, they're more open, leading to better health outcomes and greater satisfaction. With the added guidance of the HIPAA checklist, healthcare providers can evaluate their compliance status and take necessary steps to secure patient data, a fundamental aspect in today's digital healthcare landscape.

Amidst the increasing threats to data security, such as the MOVEit vulnerability exploited by the Clop hacking group, affecting millions of records, the stakes for robust training and awareness have never been higher. Embracing this model of continuous learning and vigilance is vital for all healthcare organizations to protect patient privacy and maintain the integrity of their operations.

To further enhance security and communication efficiency, platforms like offer a suite of features tailored for healthcare needs. With iplum's separate business lines, healthcare professionals can interact with patients securely without compromising personal contact information. The platform's end-to-end encryption, message expiration, and two-factor authentication reinforce data protection. Additionally, a HIPAA-compliant phone system with features such as auto attendant IVR and secure messaging solutions, including text, voice, and voicemail, ensures that every interaction adheres to privacy standards. With the ability to manage calls and messages through an intuitive app or website, iplum provides a seamless integration into the healthcare communication workflow, safeguarding patient information and contributing to a more trustworthy healthcare environment.

Flowchart: UBMD Physicians' Group's Approach to HIPAA Compliance and Secure Messaging Training


In conclusion, iPlum is a user-friendly communication tool designed for the healthcare industry that simplifies HIPAA compliance. With secure texts, crystal-clear calls, and voicemail features, iPlum ensures patient information remains confidential. Its separate personal and professional call capabilities protect privacy.

The urgency for robust communication security in healthcare is evident, and iPlum provides a fortress of security with its HIPAA-compliant protocols. Swift and secure communication on the go is made possible by iPlum's simplicity and accessibility. Selecting a HIPAA compliant communication platform is crucial, and iPlum offers end-to-end encryption, secure messaging, access control, and advanced technologies like biometrics or AI-based systems for data protection.

Training staff on HIPAA compliance is essential to maintain patient trust. Innovative approaches like online web portals, quizzes in newsletters, and regular email updates can keep staff informed and engaged. By embracing iPlum's features and adopting a culture of security, healthcare organizations can fortify their defense against threats to patient data.

iPlum simplifies the complexities of HIPAA compliance while creating a trustworthy healthcare environment. In summary, iPlum is an easy-to-use solution that ensures HIPAA compliance with its secure communication features. By integrating iPlum into workflows and training staff on compliance best practices, healthcare organizations can enhance data security and foster trust in their operations.

Take control of your healthcare communication and protect patient data with iPlum's secure and HIPAA-compliant platform. Sign up today!

Authored by Keily Atterberg, a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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