How to get a Realtor Separate Business Line on a Mobile?

Experiences from our Customers:

Jane runs a real estate brokerage business.  She has real estate agents and loan brokers attached to her office. They use iPlum cloud based phone tree mobile solution.  Each agent has been setup with a second line on their mobile for business communications.

The Challenge: How to get a Second Line on Mobile Phone?

Real estate professionals are constantly on the move, and they need to keep in contact with prospects, clients and business associates to buy or sell property, move transactions forward, and close deals.

“Whether I am showing houses to potential buyers, getting a house listed for sale, or reviewing offers with owners, agents or brokers, I meet a lot of people at many places during my work day,” says Jane.

“I need to be easily reachable to get more deals done, and so I used to give out my personal mobile number to everyone.”

As her business grew, Jane began to worry about her privacy. She wanted a separate phone number for her business, but she didn’t want to carry two phones.

The Solution: iPlum Provides Second Phone Number for Business

As Jane researched for a solution, a friend recommended that she try iPlum and get a “second number on mobile”. She installed the app on her iPhone, selected a phone number and started using it to call her clients and colleagues.

“I found that texting works better than email for quick conversations and for sending images and documents,” said Jane. “Responses are quick and I feel that we are able to close deals faster.”

With features like Do Not Disturb during non-working hours, Auto-text reply for missed calls, iPlum presented a business friendly solution.

Agents in the brokerage setup iPlum on their mobile phones, and they can use iPlum as the business number for giving out to clients and real estate listings.

Billing for multiple iPlum users is consolidated at a convenient, cloud based web console for their business account. Jane can pay for the entire team using a corporate account, instead of each user buying individual plans.

“It is so easy to set up a group account and provision iPlum phone numbers for my broker agents.”

Agents can select a different ringtone for iPlum calls, with a separate voicemail for business. The client receiving an iPlum call sees the iPlum phone number as caller ID, instead of the personal phone number of an agent.

“I like the separation of my business communication” said Jane. “My business contacts, call lists, voicemail, text messages and attachments are all separate in the iPlum app. I get an extra layer of security for my business communications while I also get to protect the privacy of my personal phone number.”


Jane is happy that she chose iPlum for her business. “With the separation from personal, I can now freely give out my business phone number and put it on my website, emails, listings, flyers, and business cards,” said Jane.

Brokers and agents can now forward a landline business extension to an iPlum phone number, so they never miss a client call again, no matter where they are travelling.

Authored by Keily Atterberg, a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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