How to Get a Dedicated Phone Number for Your Professional Practice?

If you are a doctor, your patients or staff will need to reach you in emergencies. A realtor works with potential buyers and sellers who come and go. The situation is no different with therapists, brokers, lawyers, or agents who need to be accessible. How can you be available to your clients when they need you, without having to hand out your private contact information?

A separate phone number on your mobile phone for calls and texts related your professional practice may be the perfect solution for you. With iPlum, you get secure texting and calling to do all the interactions outside your circle of friends and family. A key advantage of iPlum phone number is the clean separation of your workspace from personal space for contacts, call logs, messages and attachments on your mobile phone.

lawyers love iPlum number

Your clients can call you on the iPlum number, send you a text message, or leave a voicemail. When you call your clients back using the iPlum number, this business number shows up on Caller ID, masking your personal mobile number. Because your iPlum number is linked to your professional practice, your personal information stays private.


With iPlum, there is no need for you to carry a separate business phone or pager. You can also move your iPlum number to a different mobile phone or tablet by simply logging into the iPlum app from the new device. Get your free iPlum app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – at a low $1 per month subscription, the iPlum phone number is a great value.

Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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